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Pest Control In Cantonment, FL

A suburb of Pensacola, Florida, and right near the border with Alabama, Cantonment is a small town that nonetheless sees a lot of human activity. Being right off the major highways and interstates that connect the South, this part of the panhandle can get a lot of visitors passing through it. But that includes pests as well, and with our hot and humid climate, populations can thrive all year long. To keep pests out of your Cantonment property, you need to get started on pest control before pests become big problems. For Escambia County pest control that prevents infestations before they start, turn to EnviroGuard.

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Residential Pest Control In Cantonment

The real reason you want to keep pests out of your home isn’t that they are creepy. It’s that they can contribute to larger problems like property damage and health impacts. From tiny termites to larger rodents like rats, pests can claw, chew and stain their way through your belongings and even lead to structural damage. Plus, the diseases and respiratory problems that infestations can lead to are no joke.

In order to avoid these problems, you need to turn to the Cantonment home pest control options of experts. At EnviroGuard, here’s how we help Cantonment residents:

  • Evaluation & Planning: We start our visit with a detailed evaluation of your property to determine your pest risk level. This helps us craft a pest control plan that is right for your home. 
  • Treatments: Depending on what you need, we offer a wide range of treatments, baits, and monitoring services to address the pests that are already there and to prevent ones that might invade in the future. 
  • Follow-Up: To that end, we always check back with you after our initial visit to make sure the treatments are working and that no new pest problems have formed.

 Get pest protection for your Cantonment home done the right way by turning to EnviroGuard today.

Commercial Pest Control In Cantonment

As much as it’s essential to keep pests out of homes, it’s even more important to keep infestations from hitting local businesses. When pests invade commercial properties, they impact more than just the people who own the lot or work inside the building. Pest infestations threaten the health of all the people who frequent a property, from customers to delivery service workers.

You have a responsibility to keep pests out of all these kinds of properties:

  • Food Service: Restaurants definitely need to be wary of pests because they will be drawn from far and wide by all the available food sources, from store food to scraps they throw away. 
  • Hospitality: Hotels and resorts can also be attractive for pests, not only because of parasites like bed bugs drawn to all the bedding but because these buildings also tend to have restaurants and cafes in them. 
  • Healthcare: Medical facilities need to be free from pests and the health issues they lead to, so doctor's offices and hospitals need to be especially vigilant with pest control. 
  • Office Buildings: Even office spaces tend to have storage areas and extensive ventilation systems that make for good nesting grounds for pests. 
  • Retail: No matter what they sell, stores can also be attractive targets for pests looking to live indoors instead of out in the elements. 
  • Warehouses: Speaking of storage spaces, warehouses are nothing but that. So pests can target these industrial properties, too. 

We help all of these kinds of businesses and more at EnviroGuard, so contact us today to get started on commercial pest control in Cantonment.

Having Cockroaches In Your Cantonment Home Is Worse Than You May Think

Most people know they don’t want pests in their homes, but most people don’t realize just how serious it can be to wind up with an infestation. Pests like cockroaches demonstrate why it’s more important to focus on the side effects of pests rather than just how creepy or gross the pests themselves appear to be.

All of these are serious problems that a cockroach infestation can lead to:

  • Damage: From the stains that they leave behind thanks to their oily bodies or urine and feces to them chewing through wallpaper and insulation, cockroaches can be destructive pests.  
  • Health Issues: Cockroaches are known to carry serious diseases like salmonellosis and typhoid fever. Plus, they can contribute to allergies and respiratory illnesses. 
  • Proliferation: That’s a scientific word that means they reproduce quickly. It’s why cockroach infestations can quickly grow out of control.

Get total cockroach control for your Cantonment home by contacting EnviroGuard today.

What To Do If You See Dangerous Spiders Around Your Cantonment Home

Humid regions like ours are no strangers to spiders that can grow quite large. Bug populations can thrive all year long thanks to our warm weather, and spiders hunt these populations to grow bigger and make more offspring. But, while most spiders are relatively harmless, even small spiders might be highly venomous and therefore more dangerous to have around your property.

The most common venomous spiders in North America are the brown recluse and the black widow. You may recognize both of them for iconic patterns on their rears. Brown recluses have a violin-shaped brown pattern on their tops, while black widows have a bright red hourglass shape on their undersides. If bitten by these spiders, you can wind up in the hospital with serious side effects.

That’s why you should call the experts for spider control that will keep these species out before they can take hold. At EnviroGuard, we protect your home against dangerous spiders in Cantonment and the pests that attract them to your property in the first place. Contact us today to get started.

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