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Pest Control In Decatur, AL

As the largest city in and the county seat of Morgan County, Decatur is a bustling center of policy, culture, and business. Resting along the south banks of the Tennessee River, Decatur is just a short drive away from the northern urban center of our state in Huntsville. But proximity to population centers and water systems brings pest problems. It’s not uncommon for local properties to be favored targets of pests, so residents need to be proactive regarding pest control. Learn how you can keep infestations out of your Decatur property. 

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Residential Pest Control In Decatur

Residential pest control can be tricky because pests can come from many different places and be attracted by many factors. They can start in your yard and move inside, drawn in by the food and shelter that our houses provide. That’s why a complete approach is necessary to prevent pest infestations indeed. The most comprehensive methods come from professional help. At Enviroguard, we offer treatments that protect every area of your property and account for all the ways that invasions occur: 

  • Exterior Treatment: The first step is to treat your yard and exterior, forming a shield around your property so that infestations don’t start. 
  • Interior Treatment: If pests have already made their way inside your home, we can eliminate them with safe and effective treatments. 
  • Follow-up: We always follow up with you to ensure that the treatments are working and the problem stays gone. 

Let Enviroguard keep pests away from your Decatur home a safe and effective way. Turn to us today for residential pest control you can trust. 

Commercial Pest Control In Decatur

Running a business is all about minimizing future costs, which is accomplished by ensuring existing problems don’t worsen. When it comes to pests, this is especially important because the damage and health issues they can lead to are especially costly for local businesses. Getting professional-grade commercial pest control is cheaper than the larger consequences of a pest infestation. That’s why Decatur business owners need to start early on pest prevention by turning to the experts at Enviroguard.

Here’s how we break down our effective treatment plans: 

  • Evaluation: Our first step is to inspect your home and determine your level of need thoroughly. This helps us account for the whole problem and tailor our solutions to your property. 
  • Treatment: Our treatments and monitoring systems are safe and designed to protect against future pest problems, not just the ones that might already be a problem. 
  • Follow-up: We always keep in touch with you so that you don’t have to worry about pest problems returning. 

Don’t go halfway to commercial pest control; turn directly to the pros at Enviroguard to get started today.

The Dangerous Truth About Cockroaches In Your Decatur Home

Everyone knows cockroaches are gross but do you realize how dangerous they can be inside your home? Cockroaches are known to carry several diseases, including salmonella and plague. They also contribute to property damage by chewing on household materials and staining left behind from their droppings and filthy bodies. They are also not easy to get rid of, because cockroaches are a pest that quickly develops resistance to treatments. Even if you find a control method that works to eliminate some of the bugs, the population can quickly bounce back thanks to the eggs they’ll likely have stashed elsewhere. This is why early cockroach prevention is better than trying to get rid of them on your own after the fact. And it’s much better to trust experts to eliminate pests than to try and get it all done on your own. At Enviroguard, we can prevent cockroach infestations from moving in in the first place, including treatments that act as a shield around your Decatur home. To truly avoid the dangers of cockroaches, contact Enviroguard to get started today. 

Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Decatur Residents

No one wants bed bugs, but most people don’t realize how their infestations start or how common they can be. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just happen to dirty homes or hotels. They can make it inside of any home or business because they are attracted by the food source they can find inside: people. Bed bugs bite us in our sleep to feed on our blood, so they go where there are people to sustain them. They also aren’t only found in beds. Bed bugs can infest all kinds of items, from other pieces of furniture to clothing items and containers. This is why you should never underestimate the risk that bed bugs pose. To get bed bug control that eliminates all the bugs and eggs that may be stashed around your property, you should turn directly to the professionals at Enviroguard. We know where to look for signs of bed bugs, and we can educate you on ways you can avoid tracking them into your Decatur home without realizing it. Get started on proper bed bug control today by calling us or visiting us online. 

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