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Welcome to EnviroGuard Pest Control Service in San Marcos Texas. We specialize in residential and commercial pest control services throughout the San Marcos TX area; Cockroach, Scorpion, Mosquito, Termite, Fire Ants, Tick, Rodents and more.

Not all pest control services are created equal. When you have a pest infestation, whether in your home or business, you want to choose a company with a proven track record of success throughout your community. Here at EnviroGuard Texas, we bring a local knowledge of the native pest industry to every job we take on.

Thus, you can trust us to deliver personalized, comprehensive pest control solutions in San Marcos TX for residential and commercial applications. Call now for a free inspection and quote so you can start living pest free!

Your Safety is a Prioritys

We care about the environment, as well as your surrounding landscape and the health of all occupants. That's why we only use products that are eco-friendly. However, this doesn't mean they're weak and can't get the job done. They may be gentle on the environment but they are no match for pests and critters. And rest assured, we stay apprised of the latest trends in the pest control industry so we are better able to give you the best pest extermination products and methods possible.

Every pest control job is different. Not every method works on every type of pest. Our team will assess the situation and come up with a detailed plan of pest control in San Marcos that truly works. From hornets and scorpions to rodents and earwigs, we have seen everything out there and know what to do about them!

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Don't let pests call your home their home. Get in touch with EnviroGuard in San Marcos now 210-568-7216 for a free quote and inspection!

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EnviroGuard Pest Control is a pest extermination and prevention service offered to home and business owners in San Marcos TX and surrounding areas.

Trained and certified exterminators in San Marcos, TX

Our professional exterminators are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of pest control methods and products. All exterminators are certified and all services are insured and bonded. We handle: scorpions, spiders, ants, wasps and hornets, fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, termites, earwigs, silverfish and bed bugs.

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