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Effective Pest Solutions In Fort Fort Myers, FL

What does effective pest control in Fort Myers look like? We have lots of insects, bugs, and critters that can get into our homes and businesses. If you hope to keep them out, you need layers of protection. Join us today as we look at residential and commercial pest control in Fort Myers and show how EnviroGuard is the right choice for Lee County pest control.

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Residential Pest Control In Fort Myers, FL

At EnviroGuard, we use science to solve pest problems, and we apply solutions that can have a long-lasting impact. After we conduct a professional inspection of your property and evaluate pest activity, conducive conditions, and other factors, we'll use several or all of the following residential pest control methods and products:

  • Indoor treatments seal potential entry points around pipes under your sinks and in other key locations, and application of product to baseboards and trouble spots works to repel pests. After the initial service, you're likely to see an increase in pest activity around your home. That activity is evidence that pests are leaving your home.
  • When pests leave your home (or try to enter your home) they pass through the exterior crack and crevice treatment we apply. The product is non repellent. The pests that are exposed to it are not allowed to live and grow a colony near your home.
  • Along with creating a barrier to keep pests out, we also work to reduce pest populations. We locate and remove wasp nests, de-web key locations, and apply baits, granules, dusts, and other products as needed. Our goal is always to use all-natural solutions first, solutions such as sticky traps in your garage. When control products are used, they are products designed to prevent reproduction and disrupt pest development.

If you've been considering pest control for your Fort Myers home, we hope you'll consider EnviroGuard for your Fort Myers residential pest control services. Our service professionals are highly trained and super friendly. We look forward to serving you.

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Myers, FL

Our interior and exterior barrier treatments are extremely effective at keeping pests out of residences and commercial structures. All of the methods and products listed in the residential section above relate to commercial pest control. But, as you know, commercial pest control in Fort Myers has to be a step higher than residential pest control.

Fort Myers residents don't have to worry about a surprise audit or health inspection. When you have EnviroGuard develop and maintain your commercial pest control service, you know that it will be done right. Our service team uses Integrated Pest management - the gold standard of pest control. IPM is accepted by the U.S. government and all regulatory agencies. You'll always be up to code and ready for audits or inspections.

What Causes Flea Infestations In Fort Myers?

Along with providing industry-leading IPM pest control solutions for homes and businesses, we offer guidance in pest management. We help you understand what causes pest infestations and show you how you can alter conditions to avoid pest problems. What causes a flea infestation in Fort Myers?

  • Wildlife bring fleas into your yard. When you take steps to control these animals, you reduce your chances of an infestation.

  • Fleas need certain conditions in order to develop. Flea eggs and flea dirt need to fall in the same area. When larvae emerge from eggs, they cannot survive without flea dirt. Therefore, locations, where animals bed down or create nests, are more conducive to flea development from eggs to adults.

  • Fleas get into your home by climbing on your dog or your cat, but they can also come into your home on rodents. You need to seal potential entry points to keep rodents, and their fleas, out of your home.

Ongoing pest control service provided by a licensed professional can address nests and disrupt flea development. If you're having issues with fleas, keep EnviroGuard in mind for your Fort Myers flea control service. We not only help by arresting flea infestations inside structures, we provide ongoing pest control around the exterior of structures to reduce fleas and prevent infestations.

Why Mice In Fort Myers Are A Problem For Homeowners

An adult mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. If a mouse in Fort Myers finds a hole that is too small to squeeze through, it can use its teeth to make the hole larger. Once inside your home, a couple of mice will quickly turn into a family of mice, and a family of mice will turn into several families of mice.

The most startling fact about mouse reproduction is that a female mouse can begin mating again immediately after giving birth. In many cases, mouse populations can grow faster than home and business owners can capture and remove mice.

It is best to contact EnviroGuard for mouse control in Fort Myers, FL. We use field-tested methods to locate and capture mice and we evaluate the success of the trapping process to make sure no mice remain. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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