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Residential Pest Control In San Antonio, TX & Austin, TX

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Effective Home Pest Control In Austin

Discovering pests in your house can be a scary and frustrating experience; you may not know where the pests are coming from, how they’re getting inside, or what to do about them. Although the temptation may be to ignore them in hopes that they’ll go away on their own, that’s never the best solution. In fact, that’s usually the best way to end up with a large infestation that causes serious problems for your home and family. EnviroGuard Pest Control serves San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas with home pest control services that effectively eliminate and prevent common area pests. Our local experts understand the pests in our area and the best ways to safely stop those pests from getting into your house.

Our Company Philosophy

Founded and run by five friends who grew up together in Austin and have over 40 years of combined experience in the pest control industry, EnviroGuard’s #1 priority is to keep your family safe and healthy and your property free of pests year-round. Thanks to our effective and environmentally-friendly pest control methods, we are well-equipped to provide a long-lasting solution to any pest problem. Our goal is to keep pests away from your residence while maintaining a healthy environment.

Our Home Pest Control Process

First Contact

We’ll begin by talking with you about the pest problems you’ve experienced.


A thorough evaluation of your property allows us to identify pest hazards.

Prevention Plan

We create a customized prevention plan based on the findings of our evaluation.

Exterior Treatment

We treat the entire exterior of your property, including weep holes and eaves.

Interior Treatment

We treat the interior of your property, including a crack and crevice treatment.


We re-treat the exterior of your house on a regular basis and the interior as needed.

Our Service Options

Pest infestations are common in the Austin area. Many homes require protection from a long list of general pests, while others require more specialized services. We offer both types of services. Our specialized services include:

You can find more information about these treatments on each individual service page.

Local Pest Control You Can Trust

At EnviroGuard Pest Control, we are always working to provide our customers with the effective services they need to live safe, healthy, pest-free lives. Our local experts care about protecting families and use eco-friendly treatments to protect properties from the many pests that call the San Antonio area home. For affordable pest control that works, contact EnviroGuard to get your free quote.