Everything You Should Know About Residential Pest Control

pest control in a residential kitchen

When you first move into your home, you might be thinking about all the things you need to do to get it into shape. With all the projects that may be looming in your mind, you forget about something very important — home pest control. In fact, many of us don't even think about it until we find that cockroaches are scrambling to the corners of our kitchens or rodents have chewed through priceless photographs. Because of the many pests, professional pest control in Laredo is essential to keeping your home safe from destructive pests.

Signs You May Benefit From Home Pest Control

It may not always be obvious that you would benefit from home pest control. Pests come in many shapes and sizes, and they each have their own unique way of wreaking havoc.

Below are some signs professional pest control in Laredo could help your house be the best it's ever been:

  • Cockroaches:  It is important to know that every home is at risk of a cockroach infestation, not just dirty homes. These pests will invade any home, giving them a place to hide and easy access to food. Professional assistance is always needed to exterminate them, as they are difficult to kill and spread terrible illnesses.
  • Rodents: Another dangerous pest that could spread diseases to you and your family, rodents are deceptively hard to kill as well. Without professional help, you may never be able to get rid of all the rodents in your house.
  • Ants: Whether they're in your kitchen or your lawn, ants can quickly start to cause problems, whether it's physical damage to your pantry and food or bites to you and your children.
  • Termites: Very quiet insects, termites are some of the most difficult pests to detect and many times go unnoticed until a home's structural integrity is compromised.

You don't need to have a full-on infestation on your property to seek professional residential pest control. An expert can take care of whatever pests are in your home and then help you implement prevention strategies to ensure the problem does not return.

What To Expect When Your Home Is Treated For Pests

When you contact a professional for residential pest control, you can expect prompt, professional service that begins with asking you questions about your specific infestation or any pests you've seen. The technician will then evaluate your home and lawn, calling on their advanced training and knowledge of local pests and their behavior to figure out what they are doing. Once obtaining this information, the technician will develop a treatment plan customized for your specific situation. This treatment is then applied both inside and outside your home, and follow-up visits are always conducted to ensure the infestation has not returned.

Tips To Keep Your Laredo Home Pest-Free

Having an infestation of any kind is a frustrating experience. The good news is that you can do things to help prevent this from happening.

Below are some tips to keep your home pest-free:

  • Go around your home and look for any cracks or holes and no matter how small they might be, seal them up. Most pests find their way into your home through these openings, and many are capable of squeezing through the tiniest of holes.
  • By storing your garbage in secure bins and keeping them a bit further away from your home, you reduce the appeal of your place.
  • While you should do this everywhere, it is especially important to clean up messes in your kitchen, especially food messes.
  • By regularly trimming the lawn, weeding, and removing organic debris such as logs and stumps, you make it difficult for pests to set up shop there.

A professional technician will help you implement the best prevention strategies.

Getting Rid Of The Pests In Your Home For Good

When it comes to the security of your home, professional pest control is absolutely worth it. Here at EnviroGuard, we want to give you back your peace of mind. With over 40 years of combined experience, our expert technicians have the skills and tools required to safely and effectively exterminate any pest infestation you might have. We understand that owning a home is difficult, and when your sense of security is shattered by invading pests, professional, compassionate service is needed. Let us help your home become pest-free today. Give us a call!