Ant Infestations Left Untreated Could Be Trouble For Bryan Residents

ants on kitchen table

After a long day in the office or running errands, you want to come home, relax, get a drink, and watch a mindless television program. Your home should be a refuge from the crazy world outside, but one pest will ruin your sense of serenity: ants. When you find ants in your house, you begin to feel uneasy, wonder if they have been crawling over your food, and question where they are infesting other parts of your Bryan home.

When you see a few ants in your home, you need the Bryan pest control experts from EnviroGuard. Our professionals have years of experience eliminating ants from Texas homes.

What Type Of Ant Is Infesting My Home?

Although there are thousands of ant species worldwide, five species are prominent in the Bryan area. The most notable ants in Texas include the following: 

  • Pyramid ants: Behind the ant's head on the thorax is a pyramid-like appendage. The body of pyramid ants is reddish-black to brown.
  • Texas leaf cutting ants: Long legs are the main feature of this rust-brown ant. These ants are soil-dwelling ants who build large singe-entrance mounds surrounded by coarse soil.
  • Carpenter ants: This black or red ant species lives inside moist wood. Sawdust outside tiny holes in wood is an indication of carpenter ants.
  • Pharaoh ants: One of the smallest indoor ants (1/16 of an inch), they have a yellow or orange body.
  • Fire ants: Inflicting powerful stings, these dark reddish-brown ants build large mounds against foundations, trees, and landscaping.

To keep these ants from infesting your home, you need the company that provides ant control near you: EnviroGuard. 

What Kind Of Problems Can Ants Cause On My Property?

Ants are small insects, but large numbers of ants can cause a wide range of damage to your Bryan property. For example, pyramid ants can ruin landscaping with cone-like mounds, and Texas leaf cutting ants quickly eat leaves, fruit, and flowers from trees on your property. Carpenter ants build nests in moist wood in crawlspaces, basements, fences, and landscaping, causing damage to structures. 

Although pharaoh ants may not harm your home, they spread more than a dozen diseases and contaminate food. Likewise, fire ants may not cause harm to structures, but they inflict powerful stings on anyone who disturbs their nests. 

Large ant mounds in the yard are a sign of an infestation. Ants, such as fire ants, pose a dangerous threat to humans and animals, and safe removal is accomplished best by trained pest control experts from EnviroGuard. 

Killing Off Ants For Good! 

There are do-it-yourself products marketed to the consumer with the promise to get rid of ants for good; however, permanently eliminating ants is not easy for several reasons:

  • Ants create trails to food sources. When ants discover food in your home or on the property, they create pheromone or chemical pathways to the food source. If you don't eliminate the trails, ants will keep coming. 
  • Ants hide in nests. A DIY treatment may kill visible ants, but it may not destroy ants in the nests. A house or lawn is likely to have several nests scattered throughout. 
  • Ants reproduce. You will have a problem with ants at your Bryan home unless you eliminate the queens in the nests. 

Killing ants permanently is not as easy as it seems. You need professionals who know where to look for ant nests and who use safe and effective treatments that destroy queen ants and the maturing next generation. 

Professional Ant Control Made Easy For Bryan Residents 

At EnviroGuard, we work with you to create a customized strategy to eliminate an infestation from your Bryan property. Once we identify the kinds of ants at your home, we can determine the proper treatment strategy to protect your family against the ant invasion. Contact us today, and let us stop the ants from interrupting your life.