How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Pensacola Property

a rat eating trash outside

Property owners in the Pensacola area are used to dealing with common household pests. One unwelcome visitor that property owners never want to see is rodents, more specifically, rats. Getting rid of rats can be a serious task, and these pests can make themselves right at home quickly. Rats pose health risks to humans, as well as cause extensive damage to yards, gardens, homes, offices, and can even get aggressive with property owners and pets. Rats like living near humans, especially in urban areas because warmth, food, shelter, and water are readily available. EnviroGuard Pest Control has been a pest control staple in the area for years and wants you to know what to do should you find rats on your Pensacola property

What To Know About Rats In Pensacola  

Rats are very hardy creatures who can adapt well to changing environments. Rats will eat just about anything, can cause a good deal of property damage, and are known to be carriers of many diseases. In fact, rats carry and transmit more human diseases and parasites than almost any other pest or rodent, except perhaps the mosquito. Some of the diseases rats carry include bubonic and pneumonic plague, murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and tularemia.

Along with the diseases rats carry, rats can be very destructive once they set up camp on properties and in buildings. Rats have teeth that continue to grow throughout their lifetime, making them excellent chewers. Rats are known to chew through almost anything, including wood, wiring, insulation, even plumbing material. They can settle into the walls and hidden areas of homes and buildings, nest, and reproduce quickly. 

Kinds of Rats In Pensacola   

There are two main types of rats to look out for it in the Pensacola area: the Norway rat and the roof rat. 

  • Norway rat - The Norway rat is also commonly referred to as a sewer rat, and these rats can get big. Norway rats can grow to more than 10 inches long, and have brown fur, lighter-colored underbellies, and long scaly tails.  Norway rats are primarily nocturnal and prefer to stay hidden during the day. Norway rats like the lower floors of buildings in urban areas, as well as like to live in sewers. Norway rats also make burrows near building foundations.  
  • Roof rat - Also known as the black rat or ship rat, roof rats are very dark in color, usually brown and black with lighter-colored underbellies. They are slightly smaller than Norway rats and usually reach about 6 to 8 inches in length.  Roof rats like to live in colonies, they like the upper floors and areas of structures trees, and bushes.  

Signs of Rats

Rats will leave very telltale signs behind them, so it is good to know what's a sign of rats in your Pensacola home. 

One very common sign of rats is rat droppings. These tiny brown pellets will stain surfaces when fresh, and then turn gray and dry out. Once dried, rat droppings crumble quickly, meaning humans and pets are inhaling microscopic bits of feces.

Rats love to chew and are teething their entire lives. This leads them to constantly gnaw on things, leaving very clear teeth and gnaw markings, as well as structural damage.

Seeing one rat is a sign of a rat infestation. One rat usually means more rats, so if you suspect rats on your Pensacola property it is a good idea to reach out to pest control professionals right away. 

Prevent And Treat Rats On Your Pensacola Property  

Prevention of rats is always better than having to treat a rat infestation. There are some simple things property owners can do to discourage rats from wanting to get into their properties. The most effective way to prevent rats is to consult with a pest control specialist.  

To keep rats off your property, try the following tips: 

  • Contact a pest control professional if you suspect a rat infestation. 
  • Seal up and fill any holes, cracks, crevices, or other openings rats might be able to get in through. A rat can squeeze in some pretty small spaces, a 10-inch long rat has no trouble getting in through a hole about the size of a quarter.  
  • Double-check windows and screens and areas around doors for holes or openings that rats can squeeze through. 
  • Keeping homes clean from waste, dirt, and especially food scraps is key to preventing rats.  
  • Rats will chew through plastic, so try to use containers that are made from glass or metal. Use airtight containers if possible. 
  • Clean up all food spills and waste inside and outside of your home as soon as they happen.  

Call The Rat Control Specialists At EnviroGuard Pest Control

Safely getting rid of rats on your own is both difficult and dangerous. Reach out to the pest control specialists at EnviroGuard Pest Control if you suspect a rat infestation or want more information on how to prevent one on your Pensacola property. EnviroGuard Pest Control is ready to serve all your commercial and residential pest control needs.