The Secret To Effective German Cockroach Control In Raleigh

a german cockroach on a plate

German cockroaches are considered the worst species of cockroach there is, both in Raleigh and across the United States. Erring on the smaller side, German cockroaches are known to reproduce rapidly, all the while posing a health and safety hazard by spreading disease to people and their pets.

If you suspect you have German cockroaches in your home or business, it’s not something that should be ignored—not even short term. Read on for more about German cockroaches in Raleigh, where they like to hide, the problems they can cause, and the dangers they pose. We will also explore the difficulty in eliminating them and share tips on prevention.

What Do German Cockroaches Look Like? 

German cockroaches have oval-shaped bodies that measure a half-inch to five-eighths-inch in length. They are light brown to tan in color, with two vertical, parallel, darkened stripes on their heads. Their offspring, known as nymphs, are smaller and dark brown to black in color. 

Where Do German Cockroaches Like To Hide?

German cockroaches prefer warm, humid temperatures, which is why they’re able to thrive year-round in Raleigh, which has a humid, subtropical climate.  

If you have German cockroaches, you probably won’t see them very often, and that’s because this species spends the majority of its life in hiding. For this reason, you can be sure that for every cockroach that’s seen during the day, there are hundreds more hiding. 

German cockroaches prefer to hide in places that are warm or humid, such as:

  • Above refrigerators
  • In the cracks between cabinets and walls
  • Under sinks
  • In the space between door jambs and corners
  • Around water pipes 
  • In bathrooms, particularly in bathtubs and around drains

What Problems Can German Cockroaches Cause?

The biggest concern of a German cockroach infestation is the threat they pose to human health and safety. 

Cockroaches, in general, are scavengers, meaning they’ll eat nearly anything and everything available to them. While in homes, this may include pantry products, pet food, and fallen crumbs; outdoors, it may also entail food decaying in dumpsters, rotten meat, roadkill, and feces. Other unusual food sources include soap, book bindings, and oil splatter.

When German cockroaches access food sources, such as pantry products, and walk across surfaces to reach them, they contaminate these items and surfaces with diseases from their droppings and bodily secretions.  German cockroaches can singlehandedly ruin the reputation of a business, especially restaurants.

Among the diseases German cockroaches are known to transmit are salmonella, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Even the presence of German cockroaches alone is enough to trigger an allergic asthmatic reaction in some people.

Why Are German Cockroaches So Difficult To Eliminate? 

German cockroaches are known for being the worst species of cockroach to have in your home or business because of their behaviors. It is challenging for homeowners to get a handle on German cockroaches' infestations without professional help.

Three factors make German cockroaches the worst cockroach to have:

  1. Reproduce Rapidly: The average lifespan of a German cockroach is about 100 days, and during its lifetime, a female cockroach can produce up to 400 offspring. German cockroaches reproduce continually, with multiple generations living amongst one another. 
  2. Can Survive On Very Little Food: German cockroaches can live for up to two weeks without a morsel of food or water. However, in conditions where both are readily available, these cockroaches can live up to three times the length of their average lifespan (300 days). 
  3. Are Highly Adaptive: If something is disturbing a part of the cockroach population in your home or business, they’ll move and relocate to another area. If needed, these cockroaches will even change up their behaviors to continue comfortable survival. 

Tips On Preventing German Cockroaches In Your Raleigh Home Or Business

German cockroaches are nearly impossible for homeowners to get rid of on their own, so prevention is critical in avoiding these problematic pests. Read on for four tips on preventing German cockroaches from invading your home or business:  

  1. Keep Indoors And Outdoors Clean: An essential factor in preventing German cockroaches is sanitation. Keeping yards clean of fallen debris, such as leaves and branches, and maintaining clean surfaces and floors in homes that are clear of clutter, can provide these pests with fewer places to hide and less available food. 
  2. Seal Up All Potential Entry Points: Reduce your chances of German cockroaches and other pests by assessing the condition of your home or business and sealing up any damage that may be letting these pests in. This includes cracks in the foundation and around window and door frames.
  3. Address All Moisture Issues: German cockroaches are drawn to high moisture and humidity. Addressing all moisture conditions in the home, such as leaky pipes and clogged drains, will help to dissuade them. 
  4. Properly store food and trash. Whether available in the pantry, on the countertop, or in the garbage, readily available food will attract pests. Store pantry items in airtight, glass containers, keep all fresh food stored in the refrigerator or airtight glass containers and store all trash in containers with lids. 

Get Rid Of German Cockroaches For Good With Professional Help 

The quickest, safest, and most effective way to get rid of German cockroaches is professional help. With over 50 years of combined experience, the local pest control professionals at Southern Pest Solutions offer customizable pest solutions to our client's specific needs. If you suspect German cockroaches or any other pests, call Southern Pest Solutions at (512) 626-2850 today.