Tackling Spider Infestations In Waco From The Source

spider in house

Seeing spiders everywhere in your Waco home can scare you and send you searching for the best ways to get rid of spiders for good. Proper spider elimination depends on removing the source of this pest, which the tips in our article and Waco pest control can help with.

How Do Spiders Get Into Your Home? Eight Typical Entry Points

Spiders can invade your home in several ways. It is important to be informed of  these entry points to keep all types of spiders out of your home:

Typical spider entry points include:

  1. Open doors and windows
  2. Broken window and door screens
  3. Cracks around windows, doors, or the foundation of your home
  4. Through crawl spaces or open garages
  5. Open areas or cracks around utility lines
  6. Via firewood piles stored near entrances or on patios
  7. Through vents around your home
  8. Via chimneys or gaps and cracks in roof tiles

Naturally, one of the best ways to combat common household spiders in Waco is to be cognizant of these areas and work toward sealing them. If you have any more questions about popular spider invasion points, don’t hesitate to reach out to EnviroGuard for more information.

Eliminating The Spiders Inside Your Home

Different kinds of spiders infest your home; you are likely wondering how to eliminate these pests and keep them from returning. In addition to professional pest control assistance from EnviroGuard, you can follow these tips to make the interior of your home less spider-friendly:

  • Declutter your home often by clearing out stored items, sweeping, and brushing away any spider webs you see. Do this carefully, as spiders may already be hiding in these areas.
  • Use plastic, airtight containers in storage areas, as these are harder for spiders to infiltrate and set up their homes in.
  • Vacuum often to remove spider eggs or smaller spider webs that you may miss when sweeping around your home.
  • Address pest prey issues inside your home, as this food source is what brings large spider infestations inside. EnviroGuard can help you with this.

Ensure that you clean your home and check for spiders carefully while wearing long-sleeved clothing, pants, and gloves to avoid receiving an accidental spider bite.

Blocking Spider Entry Points In Homes

Blocking spider entry points around your Waco home is one of the best steps you can take toward protecting your property from infestation by this pest. Inspect your property for cracks, gaps, and holes (making sure to check out the most common entry points we listed above), and then work toward blocking off these entry points. 

You can use caulk on exterior areas of your property, foam weather stripping around doors and windows, and put into place window and door screens to repair spider entry points. Also, make sure that any cracks on your roof are repaired and place mesh over vents or other open areas on your property.

Professional Spider Control In Waco

For professional spider control in Waco, you can count on look no further than our professionals at EnviroGuard. With our expert assistance and tailored spider control solutions, we’ll take care of any infestation on your property and allow you to reclaim the safety of your Waco home.

Contact us today at EnviroGuard for your free quote.