The Ultimate Guide To Effective Flea And Tick Control For Waco Properties

flea on fabric

When facing a problem in life, what is your first response? Depending on the problem, some people might look to the internet for an answer. You might be here today because you found a flea or tick inside your home and want to know if there are more of these pests hiding around your living areas. You might also be looking for a quick way to get rid of these invasive creatures. We are here to help determine your needs and find an answer to your problem.

Here is what you need to know about tick and flea removal services in Waco and why these pests invade in the first place. Contact our team at EnviroGuard if you want our help handling these or other invasive species. We will find a pest control service that best solves your pest troubles.

The Ways Fleas And Ticks Are Similar

Fleas and ticks are not the same. They do, however, have many similarities. The biggest similarity is that both of these creatures feed on blood. The way they feed on blood, however, is different. Fleas steal lots of quick meals and live on furry animals for extended periods. Ticks bury their heads under the skin of animals and humans and draw blood for 36 to 48 hours before becoming full.

Another thing these pests have in common is travel methods. Fleas and ticks in Waco are both fairly immobile creatures. To get around, they hop onto humans and animals. It is not uncommon for pests like birds, bats, and rodents to carry these smaller blood-feeding pests into local homes. We will talk more in a bit about things that attract all of these pests.

How Fleas And Ticks Are Similarly Dangerous

There are similar threats involved with both flea and tick infestations. The main problem associated with these pests is the potential for disease.

Both of these bugs spread sickness through their bites. Fleas spread things like murine typhus and the bubonic plague. Ticks spread things like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia. The only difference is that it takes ticks over 36 hours to transmit a disease with their bites. It only takes fleas a few moments. To stop these pests before they get you or your family sick, consider the benefits of prevention and control.

Factors That Attract Fleas And Ticks To Your Yard

There are lots of things that might encourage different types of ticks and fleas to invade your home. Although it is rare, these pests will occasionally invade on their own. They are much more likely, however, to get indoors on the backs of animals and humans. Here are a few animals that might carry fleas or ticks into your home.

  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Dogs
  • Cats

We highly recommend taking the needed precautions to keep wild animals out and to protect your pets from picking these pests up. Talk with your veterinarian if you don’t know what flea and tick prevention methods are best for your furry friends. 

The Most Effective Flea And Tick Control For Waco Properties

Investing in professional tick or flea extermination in Waco might feel impractical. Besides, can’t you deal with these pests with store-bought solutions? Sadly, you cannot, or at least not easily.

If you want to ensure that these dangerous creatures get and stay out of your Waco home, you need professional help. We would be more than happy to offer you that help at EnviroGuard. Our team offers lots of pest control options to handle all sorts of local pest problems, including fleas and ticks. Call us now to talk with our team about our tick and flea control offerings.