Let’s Talk About Flea And Tick Control In Laredo

tick on a plant

The warm South Texas weather in Laredo helps make weekends enjoyable and restful. The gorgeous scenery of this area attracts visitors from all over North America. While walking local scenic trails, you will surely see some stunning native plants, beautiful flowers, and rare birds. However, lurking in this outdoor lover’s paradise are fleas and ticks that would love to feast on you. Once these pests get comfy around your property, pest control in Laredo will become necessary to get them out.

The Ways Fleas and Ticks Are Similar

Fleas and ticks are pests that frequently hang out in wooded areas, tall grasses, amongst leaf litter, in woodpiles, and on shrubs and bushes, waiting for an animal or person to brush by them. While their classifications are different (fleas are insects, and ticks are arachnids), they share various similarities.

Four similarities between fleas and ticks include:

  1. They are both parasites that feed off the blood of a host.
  2. Neither has wings or can fly.
  3. Both patiently wait to hitch a ride on a host.
  4. Both are capable of transmitting disease.

When fleas and tick populations seem abundant on your property, it’s time to get professional help from EnviroGuard. Our expert flea and tick control services are two-fold; they can help prevent infestations or aid in elimination.

Are Fleas And Ticks Harmful To Humans?

Fleas and ticks in Laredo feed off hosts, and sometimes those hosts carry diseases. If a flea or tick has feasted on an infected host and then latches onto you, you’re in danger of being infected with harmful diseases. While pets are a flea’s preferred meal, they’ll happily feast on people if they have the opportunity. Fleas that siphon your blood can expose you to the following diseases: murine typhus, tungiasis, bartonellosis, and tularemia. Not to be outdone by the flea, ticks have an even more impressive list of diseases associated with their blood-siphoning.

Three types of ticks are common in Laredo: the black-legged tick, the lone star tick, and the American dog tick. Diseases caused by these ticks include tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis, ehrlichiosis, Heartland virus, Bourbon virus, Lyme disease, southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI), anaplasmosis, B. miyamotoi disease (type of relapsing fever), babesiosis, and Powassan virus.

With such an impressive list of potential diseases both fleas and ticks can transmit to humans, it is unsurprising that both can seriously harm your health. At EnviroGuard, we make it our number one priority to keep people safe and healthy by offering pest control solutions that help keep properties pest-free year-round.

How To Naturally Make Your Property Less Appealing To Fleas And Ticks

It is unnerving to know that fleas and ticks lurk outdoors, waiting for the perfect host to bring them onto your property and possibly into your home. Using some natural flea and tick prevention tips can go a long way to deter fleas and ticks from properties.

Six natural ways to deter fleas and ticks include:

  1. Remove leaf litter in your yard.
  2. Ensure lawns are mowed short.
  3. Keep firewood at least 20 feet from your building.
  4. Place fencing around your property to prevent wildlife from lingering.
  5. Reduce excess brush and vegetation.
  6. Keep pets on a leash when outdoors.

It’s always good to set up preventative measures to deter fleas and ticks from your property; however, both are tiny pests that can easily slip through your defensive efforts. When fleas and ticks start causing you headaches, it’s time to bring in the pest professionals from EnviroGuard. 

Tips To Prevent Fleas And Ticks From Coming Back

The most crucial tip for flea and tick prevention is to use a professional company like EnviroGuard for all your pest control needs. Stopping fleas and ticks from returning to your property involves using a company with extensive training and a thorough knowledge of area pests; we have that. Property owners should make use of our company’s effective pest control products, prompt turnaround times, and affordable solutions to ensure long-lasting results. The best tip EnviroGuard can give customers is not to wait to get started with flea and tick prevention; call us today for a thorough evaluation and free quote.