How To Keep Your Huntsville Home Pest-Free This Summer


There are many great aspects of living in Huntsville. The picturesque vistas provided by the surrounding Appalachian Mountains, great food, and wonderful people. There are a few drawbacks to living in Huntsville, as with anywhere. One of the main obstacles that homeowners in Huntsville face in their day-to-day lives is invasions from a variety of different pests. 

Signs You May Benefit From Home Pest Control 

The types of pests that you may encounter in Huntsville range from small and relatively harmless bugs to dangerous insects and wildlife that will damage property. Because pests can potentially pose health risks and other dangers for you and your family, it is important to be aware of any signs of pest activity on your property and to have a pest control plan. 

Signs to be aware of that could indicate a pest problem on your property include: 

  • Frequent animal droppings on your property 
  • Property damage or damage to your yard or garden 
  • Nest materials and debris scattered around your property 
  • Repeated sightings of insects crawling around your house 

For more information on the various pests in Huntsville and how to safeguard your home from them, reach out to the experts at EnviroGuard. 

What To Expect When Your Home Receives Pest Treatment 

Professional pest control service is extremely effective and necessary to eliminate infestations and prevent future infestations. Still, it is essential to understand what to expect from the process. Professional pest control treatments will not eliminate all pests overnight and can even take weeks to complete the process. Although treatment often does not stop the problem immediately, professional home pest control services are long-term solutions that solve pest problems by getting to the core of the issue. 

Five Tips To Keep Your Huntsville Home Pest-Free 

While an infestation will require professional pest extermination services to get rid of them, there are practical ways that you can safeguard your home and reduce the chances that pests will target it.  

Here are five practical ways that you can protect your home and reduce the chances of pests invading: 

  1. Properly store food and clean up spills and leaks, which often attract all kinds of different pests. 
  2. Regularly empty garbage bins and take out the trash, which can also provide sources of food for insects and other invasive pests. 
  3. Routinely inspect your property and repair and seal any cracks that could provide entry points for insects. 
  4. Consistently maintain and sanitize your property to eliminate potentially unseen food sources for pests. 
  5. Implement insecticide or other pest repellant products in your home or on your property to eliminate and keep pests away. 

Infestations of pests can potentially cause serious health risks for you and your family and significant property damage to your home. Therefore, it is vital to take any signs of pest activity seriously. Reach out to our team of expert pest technicians for further information on how to keep your Huntsville home pest free. 

Getting Rid Of The Pests In Your Home For Good 

Practicing general pest prevention on your property and in your home is an important and effective step in total pest control. However, despite your best efforts, it is still possible for infestations to occur, and they will require professional services to get rid of. Luckily for homeowners in Huntsville, EnviroGuard is here to provide quality pest control by preventing and eliminating the variety of pest problems and infestations that cause issues in Huntsville.

EnviroGuard, a local Huntsville area pest control specialist, has been keeping homes safe and pest free for over forty years. Our team of expert pest technicians will work with you to formulate a pest control plan that works for your specific situation. We offer free estimates on our services and provide flexible scheduling options for our customers. Call us today if you have seen signs of pest activity on your property. We stand by all of our services and guarantee a pest-free home.