Tips To Keep Brown Recluse Spiders Out Of Your Austin Residence

spider in house

Living with pests in your home can be uncomfortable, annoying, and sometimes even a hazard to your health. Spiders are pests that are, luckily, mostly just a nuisance to Austin residences. Spiders freak many people out for good reason. Their appearance is quite scary, and the feeling of one crawling on you can send shivers up your spine.

Brown recluse spiders, in particular, can bite and cause some issues. If you think you might have a spider problem in your home, keep reading. In this blog, we cover what it means to find brown recluse spiders in your home, how to prevent them, and what Austin pest control company to call to keep them out of your home.

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes. Some spiders are native to certain regions of the country and world, and others are everywhere. Common house spiders found in Austin include:

  • The Brown Recluse Spider - These spiders are found in the south-central portion of the Midwest, from Ohio all the way down to Texas. They tend to be light to dark brown with a dark violin mark on the back. This mark distinguishes it from other brown spiders. In addition, the brown recluse spider is usually quite, you guessed it, reclusive. It prefers to hide out in warm, dry, and dark locations. While these spiders rarely bite, they will if they feel threatened. Their venom may cause an ulcerating sore that takes several weeks to heal.
  • The Wolf Spider - Wolf spiders don't pose a serious health risk to humans. They tend to be a bit annoying to have around, though. These freaky spiders don't have a dangerous bite, although you may think they do, based on the way they look. Though they are not as large, they strongly resemble a tarantula with bodies covered in tiny hairs.
  • The Black Widow Spider - Black widow spiders are a species most people have heard of because their bite is poisonous. They're black, obviously, but they also appear to have a slight reddish shade in the middle of their body. Their distinguishing feature is that they have bodies shaped like an hourglass, with that red tint in the center. 

If you find any of these spiders infesting your home, it might be time to take more serious action.

What It Means If You're Seeing Brown Recluse Spiders In Your Home

Finding a few brown recluse spiders in your home isn't the end of the world. However, it can quickly become a problem if not tended to, and they continue to breed. There could be a few reasons they're making their way into your home.

Mostly, these Austin spiders are looking for a warm place to hide and probably hoping to find some insects that may be feeding on food scraps in your house along the way. Food left out, dirty dishes in the sink, and even plants and bushes leaning against your home could all contribute to why these spiders are in your house.

Six Simple Tips To Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders In Your Home

In order to prevent brown recluse spiders from hanging out in your home, there are a few preventative things you can do. Some simple tips include:

  1. Diffuse citrus essential oils or other essential oils that spiders hate around your home.
  2. Put bowls of vinegar out around spider problem areas.
  3. Clean up the exterior of your home, including leaves, woodpiles, etc.
  4. Purchase the best bug spray for spider removal you can find at the store.
  5. Regularly dust around your house.
  6. Put cedar chips outside your home to deter spiders from coming inside.

Following these six easy steps will put you closer to deterring spiders from taking up residence in your home.

The Most Effective Way To Keep Brown Recluse Spiders Out Of Your Home

The best way to get rid of spiders from your home for good is to hire a licensed pest control company, such as EnviroGuard. At EnviroGuard, we take the utmost care to safely and effectively remove all types of spiders as quickly as possible, returning your home to a peaceful sanctuary. If you're facing a pest problem, reach out to us today.