Rentals And Rodents: Unpacking The Facts For Bryan Renters

norway rat

All kinds of rodents invading your Bryan rental can be a recipe for disaster and bring significant health risks. It is vital to get rid of rodents as fast as possible to prevent severe consequences from this pest. The information in our article and assistance from Bryan pest control should help you eliminate rodents for good.

How To Be Sure Its Rats Inside Your Rental

When rats invade your rental, they bring with them a few signs. Keeping an eye out for these infestation indicators can help you catch a rat problem before it's entirely out of control:

  • Gnaw or chew marks on food packaging, cabinets, or walls
  • Grease marks or stains on walls
  • Nesting materials (like paper or fabrics) around your property
  • Visual sighting of rats around your home or apartment
  • Droppings in kitchens, bathrooms, or food storage areas

If you’re only seeing a few of these signs or still aren’t sure it's rats you are dealing with, reach out to EnviroGuard, and our expert technicians will come to help you identify your pest problem.

Can Tenants Sue A Landlord For A Rat Infestation?

Whether or not you can sue a landlord for a rat infestation depends on your specific property, your lease, and the scale of the rat problem. Landlords are obligated to provide a safe and habitable place, and a rat infestation can ruin this. At the very least, your landlord will be responsible for fixing the issue. Still, tenants may also be able to sue for any damages or health issues resulting from the infestation.

Six Tips For Dealing With A Rat Infestation

To deal with a rat infestation and reduce the number of rats around your property, you can follow these below rat-deterrent tips:

  1. Stop rats from entering your home by sealing cracks around windows, doors, foundations, and roofs with a chew-proof material.
  2. Make sure yard debris stays removed and cut the grass short to reduce rat hiding spots.
  3. Declutter your home or apartment often to make the area less hospitable to rats. Be careful when cleaning stored items, as rats may be hiding in these areas.
  4. Throw away trash often in tightly sealed bags, which will stop rats from being attracted to the odors and keep an infestation minimal. Use trash cans with lids where possible.
  5. Keep your stored food items safe by using airtight containers in pantry areas and often cleaning pantries.
  6. Refrain from leaving out dirty dishes or food and drink spills, as rats are attracted to this and stay in your home longer, using this as an easy food source.

These tips can help deter rats from your property, but the safest, best way to control infestations are with ongoing pest control plans.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your House Or Apartment

Rats are a major problem, and learning how to get rid of rodents may seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t want to risk excessive damage to your rental property.

For help with all the types of rodents that invade your home, you should contact EnviroGuard. Not only can our professional rodent control technicians help you identify the scale of your rat problem, but they can also provide you with customized solutions that help remove all rodents from every hiding place around your home. With our help, your Bryan rental will be rat-free in no time, and you won’t have to worry about the negatives this pest brings.