Let's Talk About Effective Mosquito Control Methods In Pensacola

mosquito biting skin

Most people know about mosquitoes and have a particular distaste for these pests. Most people do not often think about how to control mosquitoes on their properties. We are going to talk about this today.

If you want to know the best options for mosquito pest control in Pensacola, you are in the right place. For direct information about our professional services, call us at EnviroGuard. We will discuss your options and help you find a mosquito control plan that best fits your need.

What Causes Mosquito Infestations?

Mosquitoes are relatively basic creatures. Males feed on flower nectar and other sweet things. Females bite humans and animals to draw blood for their eggs. You will find mosquito eggs laid inside pools of stagnant water around properties. If you have noticed more of these pests around your yard, it is probably due to increased moisture sites. Your gutters could be clogged; you may have rainwater build-up inside items around the property or build-up around a larger body of water, like a pool or pond. People who live near swamps, marshlands, and other wet areas tend to experience an influx of mosquito activity, especially during the later months of summer. The good news is that these pests are entirely preventable with the proper knowledge.

What Are Ways I Can Prevent A Mosquito Infestation?

Because mosquitoes need moisture sites to reproduce, eliminating these sources should be your focus when combating these pests on your property. To simplify things for you today, here are a few simple mosquito prevention tips we recommend you use to cull populations of these pests on your property:

  • Check your property for sources of water build-up after it rains. You might find water build-up inside left-out toys, buckets, and playground equipment. Pour out moisture you see and adjust things to prevent build-up in the future.
  • Inspect your gutters for damage and clogs. Repair and clean them to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Change the water inside bird baths and ornate pools once every four days. Mosquito eggs die when water is disturbed.
  • Consider installing fans around covered outdoor lounging areas. Even a slight breeze makes landing difficult for mosquitoes.

For even more protection against annoying mosquitoes, consider finding a mosquito control plan for your property. 

What Are The Health Risks Of Mosquito Infestations?

You might know this, but mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They are directly responsible for over a million deaths worldwide each year. Most of these fatalities occur in third-world countries where the disease is rampant, and treatments are sparse. Here in America, we mainly deal with isolated malaria outbreaks, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and chikungunya. These diseases carried by mosquitoes are terrible to deal with but easily treatable with medical help. As a safety precaution, you should do everything possible to avoid mosquito bites, as the chances of getting sick are low, but it can happen.

How Can I Get These Mosquitoes To Get Away From My Property?

To keep mosquitoes off your property year-round, you should highly consider investing in professional mosquito control. We have many great options here at EnviroGuard to help you combat these pests. Our team has over 40 years of combined pest control experience and is known for its friendly, attentive, and effective nature. We will ensure you are well taken care of with your pest control needs.

Call us now to learn how we control mosquitoes and find a treatment time that best works for your Pensacola property.