A Helpful Scorpion Prevention Guide For Bryan Property Owners

scorpion on the end of a stick

Scorpions aren't any fun to have running around your property. If you're looking for some helpful prevention tips to stop scorpions from taking over your space, you've come to the right place!

First, the most reliable way to stop scorpions is to call on our experts for Bryan pest control. We prioritize keeping your family safe, healthy, and as comfortable as possible on the property you're proud of. We'll stop scorpions from ruining your good time with the best, most effective, and most environmentally friendly pest control methods in town.

Our goal is to keep scorpions and other pests away from your property so that you can enjoy the healthy environment you deserve. One of the ways we can achieve this goal before coming out to help you in person with scorpion control in Bryan is to provide you with the education you need to understand the details of the pest problem you're dealing with. Let's look at some key things you should know about scorpions!

Understanding Scorpion Behavior And Habitats

One way to get to know your scorpion invaders a bit better is to analyze their habits. You'll probably notice them coming out at night since scorpions are nocturnal creatures. You'll find them where you find insects since that is the main food source for these particular pests. If you happen to see crickets and cockroaches around, scorpions may not be far behind!

Scorpions prefer dry habitats, so they love the climate here. They tend to dig burrows in the soil and hide under rocks, logs, or debris when the weather is especially hot. In times like these, they may seek shelter in your cozy abode.

The last and possibly most interesting thing about scorpions is that they can live for months without food! As long as they have water readily available to them, they'll survive. So keep that in mind if you see scorpions hanging around a place in your yard that tends to collect water when it rains!

The Symptoms Of A Scorpion's Sting

When you see scorpions, you may be worried about getting stung. Scorpion stings are how scorpions fend off predators or attack their prey. When humans are stung, they'll usually experience mild symptoms that are reminiscent of a common bee sting and include:

  • Temporary pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Localized swelling

While a few types of scorpions can deliver particularly concerning health issues with their stings, you're not likely to run into them here in Bryan. Still, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry and call in our experts for scorpion control services to get rid of them so you won't have to deal with their stings at all.

Five Simple Yet Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips

Let's look at how to prevent scorpions on your Bryan property using these five helpful tips:

  1. Eliminate harborage sites like woodpiles, trash, & debris.
  2. Remove stones and landscape timbers.
  3. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home and several inches off the ground.
  4. Repair torn screens, holes, and cracks in your property's exterior.
  5. Fix poorly fitting doors and windows.

Stay on top of these scorpion prevention tips, and you won't likely have to deal with scorpions again anytime soon!

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions And Keep Them Away

If you're looking for the best way to get rid of scorpions and keep them away, we've got you covered! With fast response times, our extensively trained staff uses our expertise to conduct a thorough evaluation and create a customized approach to solve your pest problems. Then, we implement long-term prevention plans to keep scorpions away from your property.

We start our scorpion control process by looking for active scorpions and entry points they may use to enter your house. Then, we'll treat the exterior of your property to target those entry points. Before you know it, you won't be worrying about scorpions anymore!