Why Silverfish Invade Lubbock Homes And How To Keep Them Out

silverfish on a shower wall

Have you heard about silverfish? Many homeowners around Lubbock have never seen these little bugs. Unlike flies and wasps that regularly buzz around where we can see them, silverfish tend to stay out of sight. Even when they are in homes, they are difficult to identify. This does not make them any less problematic.

If you want to know if your Lubbock home has a silverfish infestation or are trying to remove these pests from your living areas, we have some things for you to think about. Call our team at EnviroGuard if you want quick options for pest control to deal with these or other local pest invaders. We will share with you some options for silverfish pest control in Lubbock and help you quickly remove these bugs from your home.

Habits And Behavior Of Silverfish

Silverfish are interesting little creatures. In many ways, they are similar to other local insects. They eat most things that humans eat and prefer starchy and protein-rich foods. This includes things like cereal, grains, vegetables, and pastry items. What makes silverfish unique is their expanded diets. Did you know that your clothing contains starches? Although your shirts may not taste like candy, they have nutrients that silverfish can use to survive.

Other odd things that silverfish bugs eat include shampoos and book glue. As you might imagine, consuming these items is not good for your belongings. Here are some of the ways these pests might damage items around your home and some factors that might attract these pests in the first place. 

Silverfish Can Damage Your Belongings

Silverfish have a big appetite. This appetite is what causes the most problems inside homes. When these bugs are not able to steal food off your countertops, tables, and pantries, they look for tasty treats in other areas. Silverfish might decide to nibble on your carpet fibers, drapes, clothing, books, or any number of other valuable items throughout your home.

If you start to find tiny holes or surface etching on fabric-based items, this could be a clear sign of a silverfish infestation. Yellow stains are another sign that these pests are around. To keep your belongings safe, store them in air-tight totes or inside sealable bags until our professionals can pay you a visit.

Factors That Attract Silverfish Into Your Home

There is a good reason why silverfish invade homes here in Lubbock. One big factor that pushes these pests indoors is weather. Extremely hot, dry, or stormy days are all likely to encourage silverfish to find places to shelter. Other times, silverfish come indoors to search for things to eat and humid places to live. If they find these things, they will stick around.

Another less common way silverfish invade is by hiding inside storage boxes. Remember to check your Christmas decorations for these pests next holiday season. If you would like to make sure these bugs stay out of your living areas, talk with our team about our silverfish control options.

Consult The Professionals For Total Silverfish Control

It is never too late to deal with a silverfish problem inside your home. Our team knows how to handle these bugs, regardless of their population size.

If you would like our help, all you have to do is ask for it. We are standing by with the tools and experience needed to properly handle silverfish or any other bugs that might be causing trouble around your living areas. Contact EnviroGuard today to find out why we are the preferred silverfish exterminator near you.