How Can I Get Rid of The Scorpions In Lubbock? | EnviroGuard Pest Control

striped bark scorpion on wood

If you live in the Lubbock area, you might have come across a scorpion or two in your time. Of course, perhaps it’s’ more than one or two and becoming a growing problem that you don’t know how to remedy. Scorpions by themselves are an alarming and dangerous sight to be had around your Lubbock home. Finding a group of scorpions can be downright frightening. 

If you notice an uptake in the number of scorpions around your home, don’t fret! We have a solution for you. Give our team at EnviroGuard a call, and we can walk you through all the different service options we can provide for eliminating scorpions around your home in Lubbock.

The Different Kinds Of Scorpions In Lubbock

Do you know how many kinds of scorpions are in the world? There are over 2,000 different types, yet only a handful carry around enough venom in their stinger to kill you. The kinds of scorpions around your home in Lubbock are as follows:

  • Rock scorpion
  • Striped bark scorpion
  • Lindo scorpion
  • Giant hairy scorpion
  • Lesser stripetail scorpion

Most of these common scorpions can sting, but it will not have a fatal effect on you. However, a sting can still be very painful and last for hours, and there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction. A reaction to a sting can be more cause for alarm than the sting itself, and you should seek medical attention if it should occur. 

You May Be Accidentally Attracting Scorpions

Scorpions will travel inside your home for either food or water, they enjoy living outside, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make the trip if properly motivated. They can be after water or a dark and moist location to rest during the day. Scorpions can also be attracted to other pests that might have invaded your home. Here are a few ways scorpions can gain entry into your home:

  • Long hanging branches or vegetation that touches your home.
  • Piles of chopped wood brought inside the home.
  • Climbing up your walls to the windows.
  • Using plumbing pipes that lead inside.
  • Squeezing through cracks along the foundation of your home.

Scorpions are skilled at climbing and can squeeze their bodies into a hole less than 1/4th of an inch. Because of this, there are many ways for a scorpion to get into your home. You must stay vigilant, especially at night, for possible scorpion encounters.

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions In My Yard?

Scorpions can become a hazard around your yard. While they do not inflict any house damage, they can be very dangerous in a physical aspect. Scorpions also can attract other predatory prey near your home, so eliminating them would be beneficial for many reasons. The best way to kill scorpions is to get professional help, and our team is the best around.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions For Good

If you want the best way to get rid of scorpions for good around your home, then enlist the help of our team at EnviroGuard. We have over 40 years of know-how in dealing with all types of pests and all types of scorpions. You can trust that at EnviroGuard our team will deliver a pest-free environment to you.

We don’t want you to have to stress about any dangerous scorpions anymore, not when we’re on the job! Our team is the friendly and affordable pest control in Lubbock that you need. Reach out to us at EnviroGuard to request a free inspection so we can get the ball rolling for your pest-free guarantee today.