How Dangerous Are The Scorpions In San Antonio?

scorpion on the ground

There are many benefits to living here in San Antonio. There are also a few downsides. One is that we have scorpions in our area. What makes things worse is that these pests sometimes invade homes, which raises many questions for homeowners like are scorpions dangerous, are scorpions aggressive, and what repels scorpions? We are here today to tell you all about scorpions and provide some information to help you get these pests out of your San Antonio home once they manage to get inside.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

Scorpions in Texas are all venomous. Keeping this in mind, not all scorpions give life-threatening stings. In our area, the most dangerous species is the Arizona bark scorpion. This pale yellow pest has two dark stripes on its back and a sting powerful enough to kill most small animals. If a human is stung by one of these pests, they may experience symptoms including moderate to severe pain, numbness, and tingling near the affected area. Breathing difficulties, muscle twitching or convulsions, and nausea and vomiting can also result from a scorpion sting. If you are allergic to insect venom, a sting from a dangerous scorpion will cause much more severe symptoms. To find out your risk, consult your doctor. They will perform the needed tests to see if you have any unknown allergies.

Are Scorpions Aggressive?

The good news about scorpions in Texas is that they are not typically aggressive pests. Like spiders, these eight-legged arachnids go out of their way to avoid confrontation unless they are hunting other creatures their size or smaller. The only time these pests sting humans is if they feel trapped or threatened. As long as you don’t accidentally put your hand inside a hole, crack, or crevice with one of these pests or otherwise give it no other option, there should be a low risk of being stung. 

What Repels Scorpions

There are a few things that scorpions do not like; one of them is pungent smells like lavender, cinnamon, and peppermint. Some people dilute essential oils in water and spray them near entry points like doors and windows. Although this is mildly effective, it is not something we recommend doing. Often, scorpions are pushed into homes by inclement weather or construction nearby. If this is the case, no smell will stop them from breaking into your house.

What Scorpions Eat

Another reason scorpions invade homes in our area is to hunt for food. Scorpions eat insects, arthropods, and other arachnids. If you have pest problems in your San Antonio home, dangerous scorpions will be more likely to come inside to feed.

Five Quick Prevention Tips For Scorpions

  1. Keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  2. Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  3. Repair damage to your doors and windows and the things that keep them sealed like door sweeps, screens, and weatherstripping.
  4. Reduce moisture in and around your home.
  5. Turn off exterior lights at night.

The Best Way To Deal With Scorpions Indoors

Although not all scorpions in our area give life-threatening stings, all are annoying and capable of stinging. To remove scorpions from your home or prevent them from invading your living area, hire the experts at EnviroGuard. We are experts in the pest control industry and have the advanced tools and treatments necessary to remove and deter dangerous pests like scorpions. It all starts with a thorough pest inspection where our team of experts will check your home and property for pest pressures.

Call us today to learn more about our scorpion control offerings in San Antonio and schedule your home for a visit.