How To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Corpus Christi Home

german cockroach on leaf

Signs of a cockroach infestation around your home are never a good thing, and if the culprits are German cockroaches, you are in for a challenging removal process. Professional help and proper prevention are the best ways to treat these pests.

Understanding the German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a smaller roach species, generally ranging from tan to light brown. They have two dark stripes that go down the back and prefer to hang out in warm, humid places. You are likely to see them around your home in the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms.

The German cockroach is one of the most common cockroach species to encounter but can be a serious challenge to eliminate. Seeing signs of a cockroach infestation around your home most likely means you will need professional German cockroach treatment.

Do Cockroaches Carry Diseases?

All types of cockroaches, and especially German cockroaches, carry diseases. These pests can pose a major threat to the health of individuals in your home, thanks to the areas they frequent before entering your property. After spending time in sewers and dumpsters, German cockroaches will often track diseases like cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, giardia, listeriosis, and salmonellosis into food storage areas or leave them behind in their waste. 

German cockroaches are known culprits for triggering asthma or other allergies. It is common for those living amongst large infestations to develop respiratory issues or have frequent asthma attacks caused by their shed skins, droppings, or live cockroach bodies.

German cockroaches are very difficult to eliminate thanks to their ability to infiltrate hard-to-reach areas of your home, reproduce rapidly, and survive extreme temperatures.

You can narrow down the causes of cockroaches to things such as leaving out items that attract these pests and keeping a cluttered home. Our prevention tactics below address the causes of cockroaches and help you deter an infestation before it begins.

  • Sealing up potential cockroach entry points is a major help in preventing these insects from moving in. You should fix gaps or cracks in your home’s windows, doors, and foundation and replace damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Address moisture issues around your home, as leaks and pools of moisture, will attract cockroaches. Make sure your home has proper ventilation to prevent damp areas.
  • Proper food and trash storage are essential to deter cockroaches. Make sure all food waste is placed in tightly sealed bags and disposed of quickly. You should also clean up all dirty dishes and food or drink spills as soon as possible.
  • Decluttering and cleaning your home will help reduce cockroach hiding spots and catch any type of cockroach invasion before it turns into a full-blown infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The best way to deal with a German cockroach infestation is with professional German cockroach treatment. The experts at EnviroGuard will provide you with assistance and help you understand how to get rid of cockroaches. Our professionals will perform in-depth inspections of your home and eliminate every cockroach so that you can claim your Corpus Christi home back from these nightmare pests.