How To Root The Scorpions In Corpus Christi Out Of Their Hiding Spots

scopion on wood

There is no denying that scorpions are ugly-looking pests. These stinger-tailed arachnids regularly scare homeowners across our state and are becoming increasingly more of a problem here in Corpus Christi. Here is why these pests might invade your home this year and how to root out issues of their source.

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Are There Different Types Of Scorpions I Should Look Out For?

There are many different scorpions in Texas. You should know how to identify two species: the striped bark scorpion and the Texas cave scorpion. The striped bark scorpion is 2 to 3 inches long, yellowish to tan in color, and has two broad, blackish lines that run up the upper surface of its abdomen. The Texas cave scorpion is 1 1/2 to 2 inches long, dark reddish brown to mahogany in color, and typically has lighter-colored legs. 

How Can I Tell If There Are Scorpions Living On My Property

Many pests here in Corpus Christi leave clear evidence of their presence near areas they live. Wasps have nests, ants have ant hills, and gophers have burrows. Scorpions are a bit different. These arachnids are reclusive and leave little to no signs behind to indicate they are around. The best way to identify a scorpion is to see one on your property.

Where do scorpions hide? You will likely find these pests under rocks, logs, and similar debris. When checking these areas, be careful where you put your hands. If a scorpion feels threatened, it might lash out with its stinger. 

One thing that drives scorpions into local homes is construction work. If developers are tearing up a plot in your neighborhood to create a new structure, they might cull up some pest activity. Investing in long-term scorpion control options is the best way to ensure that disturbed scorpions do not find their way into your home. For professional options, trust our team at EnviroGuard.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions?

Scorpion stings can be incredibly painful and pose serious health risks. Now, not all local species have the same potency in their venom. The Texas cave scorpion has venom that causes mild to moderate pain and odd sensations like tingling on your tongue. The striped bark scorpion has a more potent venom that causes moderate pain, tingling, and numbness. If a scorpion has bitten you and you feel symptoms that exceed these reactions, seek medical attention immediately, as you might be allergic. To avoid stings on your property, consider investing in a professional scorpion control plan through our team.

Keeping Scorpions Away From My Home For Good

No one wants to find scorpions in or around their home. If you need an answer to these pests, do not hesitate to get our team at EnviroGuard involved. We are pest control experts that have a passion for serving our community. Let us take the time to treat your property for pests like scorpions and create a lasting barrier to keep a wide range of invasive species out of your home. Don’t let scorpions in Texas threaten you or your family.

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