Summer Pest Prevention Guide For Waco Homeowners

termites chewing

Waco has many fun things to do in the summertime. Unfortunately, this area also has a wide range of pests that become active this time of year, which could ruin your summertime plans. At EnviroGuard, we are a locally-owned company, and our Waco pest control technicians know how to deal with the common pests that are found in this area. 

Common Summertime Pest Problems

All the insects, arachnids, and other animals in this area will usually find a safe and warm place to hunker down and wait out the cold winter months. Once the temperatures start to increase, the pests will gradually leave their hiding spots and search for food and water.

Some of the different types of pests that you are most likely to see in Waco include:

  • Termites: Subterranean, Formosan, and dry wood termites are all commonly found in Waco. During the spring and summer, you may find swarmer termites around your home. These winged termites will leave their nest when the weather is warm in search of a mate and a place to start a new colony. 
  • Stinging Insects: You are likely to find wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets around your home during the summer. Some species will build their nests underground, while others will pick an aerial location. Some of these flying insects can become quite aggressive, especially if you get too close to their nests. 
  • Mosquitoes: Many people believe that mosquitoes are the worst thing about summer. These tiny insects will bite you without you even knowing they are near. Mosquitoes thrive in warm areas that have plenty of shade and water. 
  • Ants: Ants can be a year-round problem inside your home. There are certain species that will wait until the summer before they make an appearance. Fire ants, for example, will build large ant mounds in your yard once the temperatures consistently stay above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Many of the pests in this area are overwintering pests. This means they are likely to come into your home when the weather gets cold. To prevent pests from coming inside, it is important to invest in a quality pest control plan in the summer. 

All The Ways That Pests Can Ruin Your Summer 

There are several stinging animals that will come into your yard during the simmer. Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, scorpions, and fire ants can all be found roaming around during the summer. All of these pests have venom that some people may be allergic to. Even if you are not allergic, the venom can still cause a lot of pain and swelling. A professional home pest control specialist can safely remove these stinging creatures from your home. 

Effective Summer Pest Prevention Tips For Waco Homeowners

Pests will come into your home or yard to look for food, water, or shelter. To avoid a pest infestation, some of the things that you can do include:

  • Keep your yard well-maintained.
  • Eliminate food sources. 
  • Minimize excess moisture by fixing leaks and maintaining drainage systems.
  • Remove clutter from your yard, garage, and inside of your home.
  • Seal off any open cavities around your home.

Pests are more likely to come into your yard if they think they can stay out of sight. Make sure to eliminate any potential hiding spots that you may have inside and outside of your home. 

The Best Way To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Summer

If you want to ensure that your Waco home and property don't become the next hangout spot for local pests, you should give us a call today. At EnviroGuard, we have been providing comprehensive pest control solutions in this area for years. We understand the best way to locate and remove pests from your home. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.