Why Are Earwigs In Corpus Christi Hard To Get Rid Of?

earwig on a leaf

Earwigs are a common pest that most people have probably seen at one point or another. They are rather odd in appearance, so it’s hard to forget them once they are seen crawling around your property. However, earwigs are still a pest that many people have many questions about. Earwigs in Corpus Christi are assumed to be dangerous, and there are many myths about them. This guide is here to help answer your questions about earwigs in Corpus Christi. You’ll learn why they are difficult to remove and get some earwig control tips.

What Do Earwigs In Corpus Christi Look Like?

Earwigs do look rather distinctive. This is mainly because they have pincers at the end of their bodies that look rather formidable. They have long, narrow bodies that are a reddish-black or reddish-brown color. They also have antennae and six legs. Overall, earwigs look scarier than they are. 

What Attracts Earwigs To Your Corpus Christi Home

Earwigs are a pest that tends to live outdoors. While some pests in Corpus Christi love to live indoors and need shelter from the weather, earwigs aren’t one of them. They usually live around properties that have much organic debris for them to hide under, such as leaves and rocks or even woodpiles. But, having excess humidity inside your property can also attract earwigs.

Once they get inside, these pests in Corpus Christi will seek out more humid areas that are dark. They often are found under cabinets or crawling around baseboards. They like some clutter, so that you might find them around closets or other similar areas.

Five Myths About Earwigs 

There are many myths about earwigs that you’ve likely heard. Whether they are urban legends of old wive’s tales, these stories have persisted even today. Most of these myths revolve around the idea that earwigs are extremely dangerous when this isn’t the case. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Earwigs Crawl Into Ears: Just like any tiny insect, an earwig could accidentally crawl into your ear. However, earwigs don’t try to do so. It’s extremely rare that any bug would crawl into your ear.
  2. Earwigs Lay Their Eggs Inside Human Skulls: Along with the myth that earwigs are constantly crawling in ears, there is the one that lays their eggs inside our brains. This isn’t true at all. It’s just a straight-up falsehood.
  3. Earwigs Spread Disease: Overall, earwigs are a relatively harmless pest. They aren’t known to spread any disease to pets or people.
  4. Earwigs Have Dangerous Bites, Earwigs Don’t Bite At All: Some people have heard earwig bites are super dangerous, while others have heard that earwigs can’t bite. The truth is in between. They can use their pincers to pinch you, but it isn’t hazardous. It’s also unlikely to happen unless you pick one up.
  5. Earwig Control Is Easy: While earwigs are mostly a harmless pest, they can still be a pain to remove. The best way to remove them is with professional pest control.

How To Keep Your Corpus Christi Home Earwig Free

Instead of trying to remove earwigs on your own, contact the pest control professionals at EnviroGuard. We make it easy to prevent and control earwigs, so you don’t have to see these gross-looking pests. Even though they aren’t dangerous, they still aren’t fun to deal with. All you have to do is give us a call today to get started.