I Am Struggling With Bed Bugs In San Antonio

bed bug infestation

If you’re finding apple seed-sized bugs in your bed or around your home, there’s a good chance you’ve got bed bugs – but what do you do now? Here’s what San Antonio homeowners should know about how bed bugs get into homes, whether they only bite certain people, how to prevent them from coming inside, and how to permanently get rid of bed bugs with pest control in San Antonio.

Why Does Your Bed Suddenly Have Bed Bugs?

When they realize they have bed bugs, many homeowners question why. Unfortunately, bed bugs can happen to anyone – and they aren’t the result of unsanitary housekeeping practices or living in a poorly maintained home. Most people pick up these pests by accident while they’re traveling. 

You may stay at a hotel where there’s an existing bed bug infestation, and some of these critters can travel back to your home with you. You may also pick them up in an airport, train station, or anywhere with regular human activity. 

In some cases, bed bugs may end up in your home through used or secondhand furniture. Bed bugs can live in the cracks and crevices of chairs, couches, and even appliances. If you bring an infested item into your home, you’ll be getting a bed bug infestation as well. 

Do Bed Bugs Only Bite Certain People?

Ever wonder why it seems like you’re a bed bug target while your spouse or family members don’t seem affected? Despite how it may seem, bed bugs aren’t picky about who they end up biting, and it’s likely they’re biting everyone in your home. Not everyone has a visible reaction to bed bug bites. 

Around half the people bitten by bed bugs don’t have a physical reaction at all, which is why it seems like they may only bite some people. 

How To Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Home

While bed bugs can be much harder to prevent than some pests, here are some easy ways to help reduce the risk of having a problem with them: 

  • Make sure you inspect mattresses, sheets, and box springs for signs of bed bugs at any hotels or motels when you travel.
  • Try to avoid storing your luggage or other personal items on the floor of public spaces.
  • Vacuum your home on a regular basis.
  • Use dust mite-proof encasements on your mattresses or box springs as this makes bed bugs easier to spot.
  • Make sure you always wash your clothing and luggage as soon as you return from a trip.
  • Make sure to check any secondhand furniture or appliances, as these items could be infested with bed bugs.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Home Permanently?

While the prevention tips above can reduce the risk of bed bugs, these pests can sometimes still end up in your home. The best way to get rid of an existing bed bug infestation is with treatment and service from EnviroGuard. 

Our specialists have dealt with bed bug infestations of every size, and we’re prepared to rid your home of these critters permanently. If you suspect you’ve got bed bugs, don’t wait any longer – contact us today at EnviroGuard to learn more about how our bed bug treatments work in San Antonio.