Are Drywood Termites Something To Worry About In Lubbock?

drywood termites

You’ve probably heard of termites before as they are a somewhat notorious and feared pest because of their destructive abilities. But, you might not realize that the termites that invade Lubbock homes aren’t all the same. There are many different termite species in the area. Many people have only heard of subterranean termites, but another kind of termite can be just as damaging. These are called drywood termites, and this guide is here to help you learn more about them, including how to get termite control help.

Signs Of Drywood Termites In Lubbock

You can identify drywood termites by the way they look and other signs of their presence. The worker and soldier termites are white, while the termite swarmers, which leave the nest to reproduce, are pale brown and have wings. The worker and soldier termites do not have wings. If you do see any of the actual termites, you’re most likely to see the termite swarmers say they may leave the nest to try and expand the colony. 

Along with knowing how to identify drywood termites by sight, it’s also helpful to know some other signs of having termites around. You might not see drywood termites at all, or at least not until the infestation has grown, so be sure to keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Pinpoint holes in all kinds of wooden structures.
  • Floorboards that have started to squeak and buckle.
  • Wallpaper or walls that seem to have water damage, but you can’t seem to find any water source causing the problem. 
  • Doors and windows are not sitting in their frames anymore.
  • Fecal pellets are found around walls and baseboards. These pellets are termite frass.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that many of these signs will only show up after a termite infestation has already been inside a structure for a year or more. 

How Do I Know If My Lubbock Home Has Drywood Termites

While subterranean termites need moisture and humidity to survive, drywood termites can thrive in many environments. They don’t need soil-to-wood to enter a building, and they can bore tunnels straight into the wood as they consume the fibers inside it. They can damage everything from furniture to banisters to structural beams.

One of the things that makes drywood termites so tricky to notice is that they can live directly in wooden items. You might not realize they are around until the damage has grown severe. However, there is one great way to identify the termite problem right away. It’s with the termite control experts at EnviroGuard.

Who To Call About Drywood Termites On Your Lubbock Property 

The pest control professionals at EnviroGuard provide termite inspections that can identify termite problems early. We can also offer termite removal services if termites are discovered around the property. Termites are so invasive that the only effective way to remove them is through professional assistance. Because drywood termites tunnel directly into lumber, it takes specialized experience and tools to target and remove them.

Please find out more about pest control options for termite infestations by giving us a call today. You can also request a quote or book an inspection.