The Ultimate Guide To Effective Rodent Control For Huntsville Properties

a norway rat in a home

Deer mice and roof rats and gray squirrels, oh my! There are seemingly endless numbers of rodents around our Huntsville properties. If you haven't seen the signs of rodents around your home or business yet, it won't be long before you do.

Effective rodent control can help you prevent occasional incursions from becoming serious infestations down the line. All you need are rodent control tips and a professional Huntsville pest control company to apply regular pest barriers around the yard. Done correctly, this two-step approach can protect your home inside and out.

Let's take a closer look at effective rodent control in Huntsville, starting with the most common types of rodents you need to avoid.

The Most Common Types Of Rodents

There are three common types of rodents native to the Huntsville area: rats, mice, and squirrels. Although you probably see some types of rodents more than others, you're likely to spot specific species like:

  • Deer mice
  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • Gray squirrels

Each of these rodents in Huntsville sport slightly different appearances, as well as different fur colors and infestation behaviors. However, you can easily identify rodents by their teeth, which grow continuously without regular chewing and gnawing. Keep an eye out for their long tails and tiny, tooth marks.

Keep in mind that different rodent species cause different types of damage as well. Any of these species can wreak havoc on your home, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to remove and repair.

Rodents Spread Disease And Damage Property

You may not be that worried about rodents near your property. After all, how much damage can a single rodent cause? But not only is there rarely such a thing as a 'single' rodent, but a solo rat or mouse can still cause significant damage.

Perhaps the first and most obvious problem caused by rodents is damage to the surrounding structure of your property. These tiny creatures can chew holes in wood and drywall and will gnaw through various materials to access potential food sources.

Speaking of food sources, rodents can easily rip into food packaging to eat through leftovers and available snacks. These pests generally live in dirty areas with plenty of pathogens, which means they can easily spread diseases and contamination when they enter your kitchen.

Rodents don't need to bite or scratch to transmit illness – although they can do that as well. The tiny water droplets left in their waste can infect you with Hantavirus and other potentially hazardous diseases.

It's clear rodents are dangerous pests when left alone around our Huntsville properties. So what do you need to get them out?

It all starts with these four prevention tips.

Four Simple Yet Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips

Stop worrying about rodents near your home. Instead, use these rodent prevention tips to protect the ones you love.

  1. Remove accessible food sources and store them in air-tight containers.
  2. Mop, sweep, and vacuum often to remove attractive crumbs from the rodent's reach.
  3. Seal any cracks or gaps near entry points in the home.
  4. Manage water sources by maintaining drainage, fixing leaks, and utilizing desiccant bags and dehumidifiers.

Remember that these are prevention tips and not elimination strategies. To get rid of rodents fully and completely, you need the help of EnviroGuard.

How The Professionals Eliminate Rodent Infestations

Rodent prevention is a great first step toward eliminating possible infestations. However, the most effective method is to rely on EnviroGuard to remedy tricky situations and protect you, your family, and your home from pests.

First, we inspect your property for rodents. Then, we apply hand-picked products and baits. We can easily remove rodents of any size to protect the ones you love.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Huntsville.