Are Texas Recluse Spiders In Lubbock Dangerous?

brown recluse spider on ground

If you know much about dangerous spider species, the chances are good that you’ve heard about the brown recluse spider before. The brown recluse spider is one of the most venomous spiders in Lubbock and the United States, but there are other kinds of recluse spiders. There are around a dozen different recluse species in the country, and one of the most common in the area is the Texas recluse. These spiders aren’t as well-known as their more notorious relatives, so it’s essential to know more about them, including how to get effective spider control.

How To Identify Texas Recluse Spiders In Lubbock

Like brown recluse spiders, the Texas recluse can be challenging to distinguish. It can be even more complicated to identify Texas recluse spiders and tell them apart from the brown recluse. The Texas recluse is a yellowish-tan or brown color with a violin marking behind its head.

Like the brown recluse and all other recluse species, you can identify the Texas recluse with six eyes instead of eight, as most spiders have. Overall, if you see a recluse spider but can’t tell the specific species, it won't matter too much. You should try to avoid them all.

The Dangers Of Texas Recluse Spiders On Your Lubbock Property

Overall, there isn’t a lot known about Texas recluse spiders, specifically regarding how venomous they are to people. However, there could be some potential risks. Brown recluse spiders are pretty venomous, and so it’s a good idea to proceed with caution around Texas recluse spiders, too. Also, because it can be hard to tell the two apart, it’s best to try and eradicate any recluse species inside of your property. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Texas Recluse Spiders 

If you find Texas recluse spiders or any other spider species around your property, let the professional exterminators in Lubbock at EnviroGuard help. We offer ongoing spider control plans to address both harmless and dangerous spiders in Lubbock. We can eliminate any existing spider problems you may have and continue with various effective treatment options.

How To Keep Texas Recluse Spiders Away From Your Lubbock Property

Along with working with the pest control professionals at EnviroGuard, you can also take a few measures on your own to keep Texas recluse spiders out. Here are some of the most effective spider prevention tips:

  • Keep firewood and wood piles stored at least 30 feet away from the building.
  • Regularly clean up yard debris such as leaf piles, mulch, rock clutter, and more. These are places that Texas recluse and other spider species will often hide. 
  • Clean up clutter from garages and inside the home. Recluse spiders are often found in dark, undisturbed areas, focusing on basements and closets. 
  • Address the pest prey of spiders by practicing general pest prevention tips. These include getting lids for trash cans and wiping up food and drink spills right away.
  • Seal up entry points into the home by fixing broken screens and installing weather stripping—repair holes in the walls and foundation with caulk. 

Find out more about Texas recluse control and prevention by reaching out to EnviroGuard today.