The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Austin Home

a bed bug on a mattress in a bedroom

Bed bugs can invade your personal space just under your nose, and a small invasion can quickly spiral out into a full-on infestation. They can attack all manner of homes, whether small or large, dirty or clean, and your home is not exempt. Bed bugs need to be spotted and treated early. Otherwise, they can find their way into every part of your Austin home.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like In Austin?

One of the first ways you can identify a bed bug infestation in your home is not by finding the bed bugs but by seeing where they have been. This can mean finding little rust-colored stains on walls, furniture, or sheets, or it can also mean finding the skin casings, eggshells, and droppings from bed bugs. These are all effective ways to determine if you have bed bugs in your home, but one of the first things that might tip you off is bed bugs is by their bites.

The bites of these blood-suckers will typically not create too much of a reaction compared to other insect bites, but the frequency, location, and size can often be the biggest indicators. Bed bug bites are usually on the upper abdomen and arms and are clustered together in zig-zag or line patterns. They can resemble bites from other insects and can be confused with skin conditions, though, so a bite is not a sure sign of a bed bug infestation, but it can be a start in your investigation.

How To Identify Bed Bug Eggs In Austin Homes

When you look for bed bugs, you might have some trouble as they are only a quarter of an inch long and the babies are even smaller, where you might get some luck, though, is their eggs. Like most insects, bed bugs don’t have one baby at a time. Instead, they produce a lot of eggs for you to find. Subsequently, you can find whole clusters of these eggs.

The way to identify them is by their pale white color. These eggs are tiny, but you will see a lot of white together, and it will often be accompanied by bed bug droppings, eggs that have hatched and broken apart, and you will probably also find bed bug nymphs or bed bugs themselves with these eggs. 

The Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Austin

If you have a bed bug infestation, you will find some of these symptoms, or you may even see them all. Bed bugs in your home will look like this:

  • Droppings in carpets and your bed and mattress
  • Blood spots
  • Skin casings
  • Eggs
  • Bed bug bites that can become itchy or irritated

To figure out if bed bugs are in your home, you can also ask the question, “have I done anything different to bring them in?” Many bed bugs are introduced into the home through travel, guests, and secondhand furniture. These pests are known as hitchhikers so if you have been to a heavily populated place or brought new things into your home, the chances that it is bed bugs have gotten even higher. To be sure, you should contact the professionals. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Austin Home

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to treat by yourself, which is why it is important that as soon as you suspect they might be in your home you call professionals like EnviroGuard. We have detailed and targeted knowledge of bed bugs, and we can help keep you and your property safe from these pests.

The first part of our bed bug control is to inspect your home, and once we understand the situation, we can offer a customized treatment to target them in your home specifically. EnviroGuard offers a liquid treatment where we spray where the bed bugs are active, and we can also place bed bug traps. Both are safe and help you maintain a healthy environment in your home, which is why you should count on us!