Help! There Are So Many Mosquitoes Around My Pensacola Property

a mosquito biting human skin

You're trying to relax with your friends and family on a gentle summer evening, but the only way to keep mosquitoes off your exposed skin is to do your best imitation of a windmill while dressed like an Eskimo in the 95° weather.

Mosquitoes are a pain homeowners in Pensacola have to endure, but with the right mosquito control strategy, the number of these flying parasites can drastically be cut down and maybe even evicted from your property altogether.

There are hundreds of mosquito species in the world, with more than 85 species of mosquitoes in Florida. In Pensacola, thanks to our warm climate and high humidity, we have more than our share, but you're likely to find the following types of mosquitoes trying to turn you into a pin cushion:

  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Asian tiger mosquito
  • Southern house mosquito
  • Culex mosquito
  • Black salt marsh mosquito
  • Gallinipper mosquito

As annoying as mosquitoes are, they do play a beneficial role in the environment by pollinating plants and serving as a food source for fish, bats, and birds.

Let's look at common habits of mosquitoes, the best ways to keep mosquitoes away, and where you can find top-notch pest control in Pensacola if they don't get the hint and invade your property.

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Thanks to our warm winters, we do not, unfortunately, have a mosquito season; we instead must deal with these little blood-feeding parasites throughout the entire year. Mosquitoes are most active in the early hours of the morning and when the sun starts to set. During the hot middle of the day, they retire to shady areas on the property to avoid dehydration.

It's Important to Stop Breeding Mosquitoes At The Source

In most of their life stages, egg, larva, and pupa, mosquitoes need to be around water. They lay their eggs in stagnant water and use it as a refuge and food source during the early stages of development.

The best start to keep mosquitos away from your Pensacola property is to eliminate pools of stagnant, standing water and take away places mosquitoes can breed and multiply. 

Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Your Yard

Standing water is a number one prerequisite for your backyard to be an acceptable place for mosquitoes. Tall grass and vegetation are the other things mosquitoes need to have a place to escape the sun. In order to avoid mosquitoes taking over your property, it's best to trim the grass and get rid of any areas of standing water.

Some of the other things you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your yard include the following:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to avoid offering mosquitoes free lunch.
  • Wear lighter-colored clothing when outside; mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors.
  • Try not to sweat; mosquitoes are attracted to that. 
  • If your blood type is O, try not to go outside in the mornings or evenings; for some reason, mosquitoes see you as a delicacy.

If mosquitoes on your property are getting out of control, you may want to consider having a Pensacola mosquito control professional look at the situation.

How Can I Get These Mosquitoes To Stay Away From My Property?

An EnviroGuard service professional will inspect your property and take care of mosquito breeding grounds. Once that's taken care of, treatment to get rid of adult insects will be a lot more effective. At EnviroGuard, we've been taking care of pest control problems for Pensacola residents for over 40 years. If your property has a mosquito infestation, give us a call today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Pensacola.