Why Do I Have Rats On My Laredo Property?

a rat drinking water

If you've seen a rat in your yard, it is likely that you have questions. You know that rats can create many problems and that the diseases spread by rats can be harmful to you and your family. Today, we're going to dig into the question of why you have rats on your property, what you can do to deter them, and what is required to keep them out of your Laredo home. As always, if you need immediate assistance with a rat problem in Laredo, you can jump to our contact page and request service.

What Attracts Texas Rats?

There are several rat species in Texas, and they can all be found in Laredo. Rats love the climate in our area. While there is a benefit to learning about the unique species we have, there are really only two types of rats in Texas: rats that climb and rats that dig. The rats that climb will scale trees and get into your home by way of your roof. The rats that dig are most likely to get into your home through low entry points on the first floor. Each of these rats has some unique preferences that will attract them.

How To Deter Roof Rats In Texas

The climbing rats in Laredo are typically black, mid-sized rodents, and they want to get on your roof. Here are a few unique things that will attract pests and increase your chances of having them in your attic.

  • Trees or tree branches near your roofline can allow these rats a path to your roof. Remove these access paths to deter them.
  • Roof rats can scale some exterior surfaces easily. Unprotected ventilation may inspire these rats to get in and explore your home.
  • Roofs rats in Texas can work their way up through ventilation to get into your home. Use wire mesh to keep rats out.

How To Deter Tunnel Rats

The Texas rats that tunnel in the ground are large brown rats. When a tunnel rat comes onto your property, it is going to be attracted to a few specific things. 

  • Tunnel rats like to create their burrows underneath piles of objects. Remove yard clutter to deter them.
  • Tunnel rats are drawn to dense landscaping because it offers some cover as they explore your exterior. Trim your landscape plants, particularly near the base of each plant.
  • Tunnel rats will be interested in small gaps, holes and cracks, or areas of rotted wood. Seal entry points and protect wood with metal flashing to make it less likely that rats will get into your home.

Rat Attractants And Prevention

If you'd like to prevent one rat from becoming lots of rats, address these general attractants to deter them.

  • Keep your trash in sealed containers. Trash is a food source and the scent can attract rats from a distance. Exposure to trash is one reason why there are so many diseases spread by rats. Protect your trash to reduce health risks associated with rats.
  • Birdseed, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and bugs are food sources for rats. Remove food sources to deter them.
  • Remove any water sources in your yard. Rats need a drink.
  • Move scrap wood, dead branches, and other sources of stacked wood away from your exterior.

Rat Control In Laredo

Whether you have one rat or lots of rats, the best way to get control of them is to let the licensed pest professionals here at EnviroGuard evaluate your rat problem and establish a rodent control plan to stop the cycle of infestation. Connect with us today to learn more.