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Flea & Tick Control In Austin, TX & San Antonio, TX


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Keeping Fleas & Ticks Out Of Your San Antonio Home

Fleas and ticks are two types of pests that almost everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Fleas have been around forever, infesting homes with and without pets for centuries and making life miserable for the people who are especially susceptible to their bites. Although ticks have also been around for a long time, it’s only been in the past few decades that they have become a serious problem, spreading dangerous diseases through their bites.

If your Austin home is experiencing a flea or tick problem, EnviroGuard is ready to help. Our flea and tick control services in Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas are a safe and effective way to eliminate and prevent both of these biting pests from becoming a problem on your property, whether inside or out.

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Our Flea & Tick Control Services

If you already receive our general pest control service, you also already receive our exterior flea and tick control. This service protects your lawn and the areas around your home from fleas and ticks.

If you are experiencing a flea or tick problem inside your house, we offer interior flea and tick control services for an additional charge. We’ll provide you with a prep sheet prior to our service so that you can get your house ready for the treatment. On the day of our service, you’ll need to leave your home for three hours once the treatment is complete.

We use an environmentally-friendly product to treat your home for fleas and ticks. We will treat the entire interior using an aerosol dispenser, including furniture, drapes, carpets, and more, to eliminate all fleas and ticks in your home.

Protecting Your Home From Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks have become a greater and greater problem with every passing year. We cannot overstate the health risks of having either of these pests in or around your home. EnviroGuard offers the services you need to protect your home and family from fleas and ticks. Whether you want exterior commercial protection from fleas and ticks or need an interior home infestation dealt with, we provide the treatments necessary to take care of the problem in a way that is safe and effective. Contact us today to request your free quote.

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