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Protecting Your Austin Home From Flies

Is there anything more annoying than having a housefly buzzing around your head and your food while you’re trying to enjoy a meal? Perhaps the only thing worse than that is when the fly successfully lands on your food. As annoying as flies are, the real problem with them comes from the diseases they can spread. Because they frequently land in unsanitary places, flies can pick up bacteria and other pathogens that they then spread to other areas, including your food or food prep surfaces.

Flies are common pests in Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas, and it is not difficult for them to find their way into your house. Once they do, you’ll likely begin to find them all over the place. As soon as you take care of one, another seems to show up. If you’re finding yourself in a constant battle with flies, it’s time to contact EnviroGuard. We offer fly control services to eliminate the flies in and around your home in order to protect your family.

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Our Fly Control Services

When you contact us for our fly control services in Austin or San Antonio, we’ll begin by inspecting your house. Our primary goal during the inspection is to identify the entry points that flies are using to get into your home so that we can stop them at the source.

After our inspection, we’ll conduct our treatment. We use a bait that we spray on the interior and exterior of your home. Flies are attracted to it, and once they come in contact with it, the active ingredient eliminates them.

Our fly control service is primarily for house flies, but it can be effective against other flies as well. Contact us for more information.

We Stop What’s Bugging You

Flies are easily some of the most annoying pests to get into homes in the Austin area, but they’re also dangerous to your health. Protect your safety and your sanity by contacting EnviroGuard Pest Control to eliminate the flies that are on your Austin property. Our services are effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. To learn more or to request your free quote, contact us today.

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