The Most Common Household Pests In Huntsville And How To Keep Them Away

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People often make the mistake of worrying about pests only when an infestation is an obvious problem. But this opens you up to other issues that result from pest infestations, including property damage, health risks, and a cycle of more pest infestations.

To avoid pests disrupting your Huntsville, Alabama, home, you need to get pest control in Huntsville that’s proactive and not merely reactive. With help from EnviroGuard, you can keep your home free of pests and the problems they bring with them.

The Most Common Household Pests In Huntsville

In order to protect your home from pests, you first need to know what kinds of pests to watch out for and how to prevent them. Pest education is one of the other important services that local pest professionals can provide. At EnviroGuard, we help homeowners with helpful tips about how to prevent pests rather than just ways to get rid of them once they’re there.

Here are the most common types of pests that invade Huntsville homes:

  • Ants: As tiny insects that are part of much larger colonies, ants are probably the most common invasive species on the planet. They can fit through tiny cracks or holes and are drawn by the food and moisture sources found throughout our properties. 
  • Spiders: Spiders are attracted to homes because of the presence of other pests. While spiders don’t have to invade homes to find prey, they can and will get inside if there are food sources available. 
  • Rodents: Rats and mice are the two varieties of rodents that invade homes most commonly. Both can be difficult to root out and cause property damage in the form of their constant clawing and chewing on household items. 

Let EnviroGuard keep these and many other kinds of pests out of your Huntsville home; contact us today.

The Hidden Risks Of Pest Infestations

The one lesson you don’t want to have to learn the hard way when it comes to pest problems is just how dangerous they can be to your property and personal health. The reason you don’t want pests is that they can damage your property in any number of ways, whether it’s stains caused by their droppings or direct damage that they do by biting and burrowing through structural materials and decorative items.

Pests can also carry and transmit diseases to people and our pets. The full number of diseases that pests are vectors for is too long to list, but it includes salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and cholera. Pests can also be harbingers of parasites like fleas and ticks, which pose their own health risks.

All of this demonstrates why you should take pest control in Huntsville seriously by partnering with the local experts at EnviroGuard.

Proactive Prevention Is Essential For Keeping Pests Away

Due to the serious issues they can cause, you’re probably wanting to get to the good part: what you can do to lower your risk of a pest infestation.

Here are some of the most important steps you can take to avoid pests and not have to worry about what other problems they may cause:

  • Cleaning: Regular deep cleaning gets rid of crumbs, spills, and clutter that pests utilize to hide and survive. 
  • Access points: Checking your home’s exterior for cracks or holes, as well as tears in window screens and gaps around doors or windows, is important for addressing potential access points early. 
  • Preventive treatments: Professional pest control is more effective when you treat your home before pests have a chance to move in.

Get started on residential pest control services in Huntsville from EnviroGuard today by contacting us or scheduling an appointment online.

Professional Pest Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Home

The trick to avoiding pests and their consequences is getting started on home pest control right away. Turn to EnviroGuard for residential and commercial pest control services in Huntsville that’s both effective and affordable.