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Exceptional Pest Control In Orange Beach, AL

Orange Beach has become a destination for water sports fanatics due to its year-round conditions and premier access to the Gulf of Mexico. There are countless tasty restaurants located along the water, as well as quaint shops and attractions. But this thriving waterfront community also has a more suburban section for people who want a bit more quiet. No matter where you are in Orange Beach, there is always something to do or see, making it one of the region’s gems.

When homeowners and businesses need a solution for exceptional pest control in Orange Beach, AL, EnviroGuard is the right call. We are your friendly, locally owned pest control company that will always do more for you. Our highly trained team of technicians has more than 40 years of combined experience and receives routine educational training. As a full-service company, we are able to offer general pest support as well as treatments for pests such as termites, bed bugs, and ticks. We also make pest control affordable, use environmentally friendly products, and help you limit your exposure to future pests with our preventative plans. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

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Residential Pest Control In Orange Beach, AL

The excitement doesn’t stop when you live in Orange Beach, whether that’s year-round or on a seasonal basis. But given the city’s proximity to the water and seasonal conditions, you may find yourself faced with pest invaders that can make your life challenging. At EnviroGuard, we are the team to call when you need safe, efficient, and affordable home pest control in Orange Beach, AL. Our team is built of highly skilled technicians who have more than 40 years of experience amongst them. 

Because our goal is to keep your household free from pests in a healthy manner, all of the treatments and methods that we employ are environmentally friendly. Our service will begin with a total evaluation of your property, both inside and outside. We use this information to formulate your program and if you approve it, we’ll get started. Some of the services we perform are interior spot treatments, dewebbing, and tending to the entire exterior of your home. For long-term prevention, we recommend ongoing visits as well. For more information on keeping pests out of your home, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Orange Beach, AL

Pests have no place in your business, though they’ll try. Invaders such as termites, German cockroaches, and rodents are all ones that you might encounter at some point. Luckily, EnviroGuard is here to help. We partner with local businesses to keep their properties free from these types of pests and as a result, minimize their exposure to property damage and health risks. Our technicians attend regular training to ensure the highest level of work. We also use exclusive environmentally friendly methods and products when treating your place of business. 

Our process begins with a comprehensive site evaluation in order to fully understand your needs and the way that pests interact with your property. This information will shape the treatments we provide, which might include sealing crevices, setting sticky traps, and whatever else you require. We will also design a maintenance schedule for continued protection from pests. For more information on keeping pests out of your business, call us today.

Why Stinging Insects Always Seem To Be Active In Orange Beach

Stinging insects are largely attracted to blossoming flowers as well as a warm environment. While certain parts of the country experience these phenomena only during certain seasons, Orange Beach has nearly year-round enticement for stinging insects. They are also drawn to properties with overgrown greenery and woodlands, which certain parts of the city have in abundance. Given the warm environment, many people are also likely to host outdoor gatherings with food, which is a very significant appeal to stinging insects. Things like garbage bins, compost piles, and backyard gardens are likely to keep them around as well. For help with stinging insect control, call EnviroGuard.

Five Tips To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Orange Beach Home

When you want to keep scorpions out of your home, try these five tips:

  1. Keep your yard clean. Get rid of any debris such as twigs, hedge clippings, and leaves. If you have firewood, store it at least 25 feet away from your home and in a neat, covered pile.

  2. Reduce areas of stagnant water. Keep water from collecting and sitting in flower pots, buckets, and children's outdoor toys. If you have a birdbath, be sure to turn the water over regularly. 

  3. Permit no entrance. Reduce the number of access points that scorpions could use. Replace worn window screens, affix weatherstripping to doors, and apply caulk to flaws in your foundation. 

  4. Try to be tidy. Keep the inside of your home free from food bits by sweeping and disinfecting often.

  5. Ask for help. For extra protection from scorpion populations, consider working with a trusted pest expert. They will be able to perform professional-grade treatments and help reduce other alluring factors. 

For more information on scorpion control in Orange Beach, call EnviroGuard.

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