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How EnviroGuard Removes Dangerous Scorpions From Your Yard

Scorpions are nocturnal pests in Austin that are most known for their curved stingers and deadly venom. These pests choose to hide during the day and are most active at night. Although scorpions will sting when agitated, most species are harmless to human health, with punctures resembling bee stings. However, this is not true of all scorpion species.

Some scorpions may pose a serious health risk to those with delicate immune systems or cause anaphylactic shock in those allergic to their venom. That's why only the experienced professionals at EnviroGuard should handle scorpion control and removal.

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The EnviroGuard Scorpion Control Process

All products offered by EnviroGuard are of the highest possible quality and designed to target and kill scorpion populations right from the get-go. Instead of relying on blanket treatments or generalized pest management approaches, our team customizes every visit to meet your needs.

We prefer to roll out our scorpion control process in a few easy steps:

  • We always supply free quotes and inspections to our Austin and San Antonio clients, with a thorough indoor and outdoor property evaluation.
  • We adapt our foolproof scorpion elimination program to target any species living on your property, carefully applying our products in a way that keeps your family safe.
  • We will return to your property on a regular basis to ensure the complete removal of scorpions from the lawn and garden.

Confirm a time slot for your next scorpion treatment program by contacting our service technicians today.

All The Ways To Prevent Scorpions From Returning After Treatment

Scorpions need food, water, and shelter to survive. By eliminating all three of these necessities from your property, you will have done a great deal to prevent a scorpion infestation. It is virtually impossible to get rid of scorpions in San Antonio completely, but any step you take in the right direction will be beneficial. EnviroGuard recommends using a regimented prevention plan in order to keep scorpions out after treatment. Check out some of the most important methods below.

  • Scorpions feed on small insects and the larvae of other bugs. Removing these food sources is a good way to decrease the scorpion population. You can do this easily by keeping shrubbery away from the house, turning outdoor lights off at night, and cleaning up all cluttered or dirty areas. 

  • A desert-like environment with little rainfall will help prevent a scorpion infestation because the lack of frequent rainstorms decreases humidity levels around your home, which discourages scorpions from living there.

  • Prune any shrubs, bushes, and grasses to eliminate potential scorpion nesting grounds.

Contact EnviroGuard for more information about proper scorpion prevention tips.

Trust EnviroGuard For All Your Scorpion Needs

As a leading provider of scorpion control in Austin and San Antonio, TX, EnviroGuard is proud to offer scorpion control services customized to meet a myriad of needs. Call, click, or visit online to learn more about how we can help.

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