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Pest Control In Amarillo, TX

As the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo has no shortage of things to do. Home and business owners love the climate. Unfortunately, so do a number of troublesome bugs and animals. Whether it’s ants, scorpions, fleas, ticks, spiders, or numerous others, Amarillo properties are no stranger to destructive and disruptive pests.

EnviroGuard is your source for pest control Potter County pest control. If you’re an Amarillo home or commercial property owner in search of a long-term solution against pests, look no further than EnviroGuard.

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Residential Pest Control In Amarillo

Pest infestations can be scary for homeowners: when pest problems happen, you’re left uncertain about what to expect. Using DIY steps can be equally unnerving due to all the things that can go wrong.

The team at EnviroGuard has decades of experience working in the pest control industry across Texas. We know all the pests that call the Amarillo region home, what attracts them to homes, and how to put a stop to them for good. From first contact, we’ll create a detailed prevention plan and treatment plan customized to your home, with follow-up retreatments as necessary to make sure your pest problems are gone.

If you’re looking for residential pest control in Amarillo, EnviroGuard is your perfect one-stop solution. We help Amarillo homes with pests including:

EnviroGuard carries residential pest control services for Amarillo and the surrounding areas of northern Texas. Protect your home from problematic pests with help from EnviroGuard.

Commercial Pest Control In Amarillo

Pests can be harmful to a business in a number of ways. Beyond the sheer property damage that pests like rodents or termites can cause, the damage they cause to your reputation can be even more severe. For pests like cockroaches, it can be

Need pest control for your restaurant or other business? Our experts regularly service facilities including restaurants and food service buildings, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, healthcare facilities, and more. 

EnviroGuard uses customized treatment procedures for every home we service, treating your business with the same care you give it every day. We offer eco-friendly treatments that are healthy for the safety of you, your employees, and your customers - everything except the pest we’re treating. No matter what pest is threatening your Amarillo business, EnviroGuard has you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Call EnviroGuard for the best commercial pest control in Amarillo.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Hard To Get Rid Of In Amarillo?

Mosquitoes in Amarillo can be a nightmare during warmer months of the year. They’re almost unavoidable in the fall, especially for homes near moisture sources that they can use to breed. Whether that’s a pool, a creek bed, or inside debris on a neighbor’s yard, there are a number of factors that can attract mosquitoes that can be outside of your control.

While there are certain plants that keep mosquitoes away like citronella, lavender, rosemary, and basil, the truth is that without a proper pest management plan in place, they won’t be enough to keep mosquitoes at bay on their own.

The best way to repel mosquitoes in Amarillo is with the help of a professional mosquito control provider. At EnviroGuard, our three-step method of mosquito control helps identify the scope of the problem on your property and conducive conditions that could be inviting mosquitoes to your yard. Then, our certified technicians apply a targeted mosquito treatment customized to your home’s situation. EnviroGuard continually performs mosquito control treatments as necessary until mosquitoes are a thing of the past.

How To Protect Your House From Termites In Amarillo

Termites in Amarillo are a serious problem for both home and business owners, as they are across all of Texas. Termites feed on cellulose to survive, primarily obtained from trees, compost, and in the worst case situation, our homes. Termite feeding leaves homes in Amarillo with widespread and costly damages, both to the home itself and to exterior buildings like barns or sheds.

The best way to protect your Amarillo property from becoming a target for termites is to get proactive by enlisting the help of a professional termite treatment provider. If you want to avoid termite damage, you need the help of a professional; you need EnviroGuard.

EnviroGuard carries a diverse array of treatment options, allowing us to craft the perfect plan individual to your home. These treatment options include:

  • Liquid Treatments

  • Spot Liquid Treatments

  • Wall Injections (Foam)

  • Trelona Bait Stations 

If you’re building a new home, we also offer pre-construction treatments designed to ensure you start your new home buying experience off on the right foot.

Our warranty guarantees we keep your home termite-free. Once the initial treatment is completed, we’ll provide preventive treatments to ensure they never again become a problem on your property. Don’t leave your home at risk for termites one more day: call EnviroGuard for help with effective termite control in Amarillo.

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