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Reliable Pest Control In Navarre, FL

Navarre, FL, needs no introduction. As the fourth-largest city in The Heart of Dixie, it's a melting pot of diverse cultures and a magnet city for some of the country's best and brightest.

If you're not lounging around on one of Navarre's idyllic Gulf Coast beaches, you're likely enjoying its fine dining or visiting beautiful museums. However, it won't just be you enjoying the sights – pests of all kinds are likely close behind.

The city of Navarre has a serious pest problem that requires even more serious pest control. Thankfully, the eco-friendly pest control services provided by EnviroGuard offer long-term solutions without an environmentally harmful impact.

We're trusted by hundreds of home and business owners to deliver outstanding pest control services in Navarre and surrounding areas. Whether you're looking for preventative services or same-day emergency care, you can put your faith in our trustworthy team to get the results you're looking for.

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Residential Pest Control In Navarre

For many homeowners in Navarre, picking the right pest control company is paramount for peace of mind. However, working with a large national chain could make you feel like just another number. Worse, you may be left out of the treatment process, which means you won't know about the products these companies apply to your yard.

EnviroGuard makes it our mission to ensure a very different experience. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we know what it's like to get lackluster pest control – so we've gone above and beyond to become Navarre's favorite home pest control service provider.

As soon as you begin working with our team, you get access to highly-trained service professionals and 100% customizable treatments. We also offer eco-friendly services so you can feel confident about the products used near your home.

Ready to get started? You can sign up for home pest control in Navarre by contacting EnviroGuard at your earliest convenience.

Commercial Pest Control In Navarre

Pest infestations near your Navarre business are more than just a minor inconvenience. Left alone to grow and thrive, unwanted insects, arachnids, and rodents can wreak havoc on everything you've worked so hard to build.

To maintain your stellar reputation and protect your bottom line, you need commercial pest control services in Navarre you can trust. That's why hundreds of local businesses turn to EnviroGuard for same-day services and long-lasting results.

EnviroGuard works in dozens of industries to keep business booming and unwanted pests out. Offering emergency services and free quotes, you can't go wrong with a simple phone call.

Make your business an impenetrable fortress with long-term services from a business that cares. Contact EnviroGuard today to request your no-obligation quote.

Five Tips To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home In Navarre

Scorpions are one of the strangest pests to grace the homes and businesses of Navarre. With their potent venom and sneaky hiding spots, it's difficult to walk outside without the thought of a sting passing through your mind.

Thankfully, keeping scorpions out of your Navarre home is probably easier than you think. You just have to follow these five rules of thumb to stop unwanted arachnids from breaking into your house:

  1. Seal cracks and gaps: You should use a quality brand of waterproof caulking to get rid of gaps and crevices around your doors and windows. You may also want to replace any faulty weatherstripping and add new screen meshing if you notice any holes.

  2. Get rid of hiding places: Outside, you should rake up leaves, remove sticks, and organize toys and yard equipment. Inside, do your best to reduce clutter and get rid of unnecessary boxes.

  3. Inspect your home and yard for signs of pest prey activity: Since scorpions are nomadic predators that follow their prey around, any secondary infestations around your home may encourage heightened scorpion activity.

  4. Remove unnecessary puddles of stagnant water: First, fill up any dips or potholes with topsoil, gravel, or stone. Then, trim tall vegetation and mow thick grass to remove any humid hiding places.

  5. Get a scorpion inspection from a professional pest control agency: EnviroGuard can help you identify unwanted scorpion activity and perform regular treatments to keep them at bay.

Contact the team at EnviroGuard to get rid of scorpions in Navarre quickly and effectively.

Why Bed Bugs In Navarre Won't Go Away On Their Own

It's a sad but true fact of living in Navarre: bed bugs aren't going away without a fight. Thanks to our ever-growing population and heightened frequency of travel, these hitchhiking pests have plenty to feast on – including you and your family.

If you currently have a bed bug infestation, you need to pursue immediate treatment. The team at EnviroGuard can help you get clarity with an inspection, quote, and customizable treatment plan.

We offer:

  • Liquid treatments 

  • Aerosols

  • A 30-day guarantee

See why hundreds of homeowners trust EnviroGuard with all their Navarre pest control services. You can learn more about our approach to bed bug control in Navarre by contacting our crew today.

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